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Led by Dr Rajan Sankaran, and a team of highly qualified and experienced homoeopaths as well as being supported by experts from other healing modalities. Our motto is “Care beyond Compare”. We believe in creating a Temple for Healing – where every person walking in, is met with the best possible homeopathic care and treatment in an environment surrounded by a general sense of wellbeing. Our efforts aim at making people disease free by facilitating the holistic transformation of their life into one with good health and happiness. Read More


Unlike other systems of medicine, Homoeopathy does not look at the diseased person in parts, i.e. it does not give different medicines for headache and stomachache to the same person. Instead it gives one medicine for the whole individual.


Healing goes beyond just eliminating symptoms and involves guidance towards the modification of life style, which includes correct eating habits, regular exercises and Meditation to experience a balanced, harmonious and a healthy state.


At the other song, we believe in empowering patient with the best of knowledge about a variety of topics including health, illness, homoeopathy, diet, nutrition and meditation.Our doctors share their knowledge and experience on this platform.

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