The Journey

Jan 18

First mega seminar organized by ‘the other song’ on 18th, 19th and 20th January 2013

With Dr Rajan Sankaran as the key speaker for 3 days, the seminar was inaugurated by Hon. Vice Chancellor of MUHS Dr Arun Jamkar, along with dignitaries Dr Arun Bhasme, Dr Kavishwar. Organised at Birla Matoshree, the seminar was attended by around 1000 participants, including students and practitioners. replica uhren I have found the particular face, with everything else on it, extremely nicely harmony.

Nov 24

Sun, Sand and Sensation – Goa workshop from 16th to 21st February 2015

Presenting Homoeopaths and their topics: Dr. Rajan Sankaran (Application of ‘Synergy’ in Case-taking and Remedy Analysis). Dr. Jayesh Shah (Meditative Ways and Polarities). Dr.Sujit Chatterjee (Experience in Treating Cancer Cases). Dr. Mahesh Gandhi (Psychiatric Disorders). Dr. Paresh Vasani (Techniques of Case-taking and Reaching to the Source). Dr. Dinesh Chauhan (Pediatric Disorders). Dr. Shachindra and Dr. Bhawisha Joshi (Correspondences between the Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. Dr. Ashok Borkar (Pathological Factor). Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar (Scope of Homoeopathy in Treating Acutes). Ninety participants who have arrived from such diverse places as Argentina, Brazil, England, Switzerland, France, Norway, New Zealand Canada, Germany, Bulgaria and Russia participated in this workshop held at the Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa.

Jan 05

A Global Wish – Meeting of WISH members at the other song

This is not just it. The Other Song Academy has staunch support from The World Institute for Sensation Homoeopathy (WISH). Founded in Munich in 2010 by Dr.Rajan Sankaran and a group of dedicated world homoeopaths, all practitioners and teachers of the Sensation Method of Homoeopathy, all eager for better results through understanding patients in depth. The core group of WISH comprises homoeopaths from India, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Canada and USA, many of whom, having been associated with Sensation Homoeopathy since its inception, are highly skilled in this method. Many of the WISH members are also internationally renowned teachers of Homoeopathy. Pooling resources and data, systematising teaching, organising seminars, exchanging information and promoting interaction amongst its members all fall within the purview of WISH. Thus, this group has tremendous potential in contributing to the progress of Homoeopathy and has lent its whole-hearted support to the other song: International Academy for Advanced Homoeopathy. WISH teachers are also faculty members at the academy at The Other Song, and panel members at clinical discussions.

Apr 10
Jul 01

Birth of ‘the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy

Headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and supported by his colleagues and homoeopaths and medical practitioners around the globe, The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy is a pioneering non-profit making organization that offers the best possible homoeopathic treatment to patients, and teaches the latest advances in the field of Homoeopathy to doctors. A converging point of some of the best minds in the field of Homoeopathy who, being at the helm, are able to personally make invaluable contributions towards the well-being of patients and learning for doctors. At The Other Song, good health and well-being are central to an academic culture dedicated to advanced clinical research, patient care, extensive training and in-depth education.The Other Song is also a platform for every homoeopath to refer difficult and challenging cases, opined upon by senior practitioners. Thorough follow-ups are carried out, and expert opinion from modern medicine physicians sought when required. Additional healing techniques like yoga and meditation that complement homoeopathic treatment are incorporated into the patient regimen. The ambience of the institute is created so as to welcome and reassure patients and inspire students. With the help of those who have listened to the other song within their hearts and healed, the organization is growing from strength to strength…

Sep 05
Feb 14

The Need For A Centre For Homoeopathic Education, Research And Clinical Work

Homoeopathic Research and Charities started conducting various training courses for modern practitioners and awareness seminars for the lay public at regular intervals. These seminars and were very well received. Usually these seminars were conducted in rented premises such as hotels etc. due to the lack of proper infrastructure and economical reasons these rented premises are not the ideal location for the seminars and course organized These places would not provide the right ambience for intensive sessions conducted during residential courses. Yet the demand for these training programs began to increase to such a level that it became imperative to set up a full-fledged centre where courses can be held for a longer period and more often, in a systematic manner. A centre where clinical knowledge is imparted to the amateur graduate to enhance their clinical skills, and ongoing educational sessions and discussions to update senior practitioners about the recent developments and advances by experts and researchers. Also, graduate training in homeopathy by using modern techniques was the need of the hours, in fact, when a residential clinical course was offered; more than 400 applications were received for the 50 seats available. That made it more apparent that there was an unfulfilled demand for postgraduate studies in homeopathy. Hence the dream to have a centre, where it would be possible to stimulate change and research in homoeopathy for practitioners worldwide. The centre would establish a global forum for the exchange for clinical experiences between students and leading practitioners. It would encourage the students to adapt to changing approaches to case management and disseminate the same among peers. The dream was to have a school designed along the traditional “Gurukul” system of teaching: a centre with an informal, simple and natural student-teacher environment. HRC was very fortunate to join hands with Mr..Read More

Mar 28
Apr 01

Courses at Apti for Indian and International students

Testimony of participant from a course organized for International students: “The seminar in Lonavala had a great influence on the development of homoeopathy in Russia. There are weekly practical seminars in ‘Similia’ for homoeopaths from Moscow. The doctors study how to prescribe remedies, based on Rajan’s method, and the results are very good. It would be desirable to return to Lonavala and to receive a new experience of a dialogue with Rajan, Jayesh and other doctors from the Bombay school.” – Lubov Lurie, MD, Director of the Centre of Classical Homoeopathy “Similia”.

Dec 05

Establishment of Foundation for Vital Healing

Apart from professional colleagues, the Sensation Method has also been supported by patients keen to learn about and contribute to a system that has helped them experience relief. The dynamism of one such patient, Mr. Hitesh Mehta and his wife, Mrs. Daksha Mehta has provided the impetus for setting up the Foundation for Vital Healing. The foundation is the main support in establishing a center for healing, training and research, viz. the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.

Feb 20

Goa workshops organized by HRC

Regular workshops for international students were organized in Goa, the travelers paradise. The Goa workshops were especially popular among Russian homoeopaths, and each time a large number of them have enthusiastically participated.

Jan 01

Bombay School of Homoeopathy

The team followed the trail blazed by the brilliant and innovative thinker, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and started the popularly referred to as the ‘Bombay School of Homoeopathy’. This school has a well- deserved international following thanks to its pioneering work, which has extended the frontiers of traditional homoeopathy in a totally revolutionary manner. Testimony from a participant of clinical training course organized by the School of Classical Homoeopathy “This year as a part of the Clinical training six of our students have chosen an elective course of six weeks in India held by the teachers from the Bombay School, organized by the Homoeopathic Research and Charities foundations. We hope that this kind of collaboration will continue and become a tradition between our schools. Being residential, far away from our busy clinics and held in a quite and peaceful atmosphere, these courses enable us to dive in to the depth of the studies in such an intensive way, that it gives us an opportunity to grasp and internalize and enormous amount of knowledge and experience.” – Oded Magan, The college of Management , Jerusalem, Israel

Nov 28
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Jan 02

The People behind Homoeopathic Research and Charities

The trust has six trustees, and several teachers. The Trust operates under the chairmanship of well-known advocate Mr. K. K. Ramani and the member trustees are eminent homoeopaths and internationally respected teachers. This team was led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, and the team committed themselves to raising the standards of Homoeopathy and homeopaths all over the country. The plan was to empower as many Indian homoeopaths and create future experts so that these homoeopaths can further help and cure more and more people for a healthy and happy tomorrow. Trustees Mr. K.K. Ramani, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Sudhir Baldota, Dr. Divya Chhabra Teachers Dr. Paresh Vasani, Dr. Rashmi Jaising, Dr. Shachindra Joshi, Dr. Bhawisha Joshi, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Feb 10

Meeting of senior teachers in Gaunt’s house in UK, in the year 1986

Meeting of senior teachers in GAUNTS HOUSE GAUNTS HOUSE IS IN DORSET, in the year 1986. This was the second meeting of the teacher’s group. The first meeting took place at Yondercott House in Devon in 1985, comprising of homeopathic friends of Dr Rajan Sankaran and Misha Norland.

Jan 02

The Humble beginnings

What began as a coming together of three learned homoeopaths went on to become a movement. The humble beginnings of ‘the other song’ can be traced back to the ‘Homoeopathic Convention Committee’. Circa 1983. The trio of Mr Gunvante, Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Jayesh Shah organized the first homoeopathic seminar in Mumbai where they invited Prof. Dr. George Vithoulkas from Greece.

Jan 11
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