SUB CLASS 2- Family- Hamamelideae; Remedy URTICA URENS

SUB CLASS 2- Family- Hamamelideae; Remedy URTICA URENS

Dr. Annette Sneevliet

A case of skin rash

Subclass 2 is the evolutionary point of someone with the sensitivity of being here on earth or not.

You could compare it to row 2 up to carbon in the mineral kingdom.

That is, not the structure problems, but the sensitivity problems of someone who isn’t fully on earth.

The plant family that belongs here, is the family of the Hamamelideae. The family that includes, for example, Cannabis Indica. Their experience is: am I here yet or am I still in the unformed all? I am in the limiting form of matter and that feels confined and small. And I really belong in the cosmos, where everything is open, clearer, lighter, more beautiful and universal.

Again, in this case you see the two-dimensional “language”: a sensation and an opposite.

Therefore, the sensation of this family, the level on which these plants themselves “talk”, is as follows:


Because this plant family has developed a bit further already, we see very clear, consistent gestures of the plant itself in the “language” mentioned below. They literally show you with their hands the limiting, too small a space in which they feel themselves. They describe this as compressed, dragged down, depressed, dark, grey, but at the same time as safe, a warm little hole.

HG: They describe a little hole with their hands, they press their hands together to depict compressed or dragged down.

The opposite is free, open, expanding, light, colour, sometimes to the experience of the freedom of flying as a bird.

HG: Now they spread their arms as if they were going to fly.

Now we understand the evolutionary point of this family, we see how they depict the limitation of the matter against the complete freedom, openness and ecstasy of being one. People who have smoked cannabis can perhaps imagine this state even better. The materia medica of Cannabis Indica is well described in our literature, but there are more remedies in this subclass that we don’t prescribe due to lack of provings. What about Ulmus, Ficus religiosa, Myrica, Juglans regia, Quercus, Betula and many more. And if they occur in our literature at all, we only know their physical symptoms. Now we know which vital issues our patients in need of these plants will present.

A finereal-life case from my practice.

A woman with a rash on her ankles, which itches and burns intensely. I see an insecure, gentle, accommodating woman with little ego. She leaves a vague and undifferentiated impression. She tells the following about herself:

“I feel insecure, it’s difficult for me to claim my place in the world. At the slightest provocation I withdraw in my little hole HG (Hand Gesture), where it is safe.”

I ask her what she experiences in that little hole.

“There I do feel safe, but it’s ‘small’ HG;

I feel ‘depressed’ HG;

‘compressed’ HG.”(She pushes her hands together.)

I ask her about the opposite.

“Open”, HG;

“free” HG (she spreads her arms wide open).

Here I hear and see the “language” of the Hamamelideae.

At the same time I see all qualities of subclass 2. She is here and she is not here, she is vague, she has trouble concentrating and truly being “here”. It is as if she has not yet really arrived in this world.

The first medicine I give her is Cannabis Indica.

On this she feels better, stronger, more in herself and less vulnerable, but her physical symptoms, the burning itch and rash, are unchanged.

When the physical symptoms don’t improve in the same way, I know that I am possibly close, that I have prescribed a similimeae, but not the similimum.

When we look at the other homoeopathic remedies from subclass 2, we see Urtica Urens in this group’s initial phase, close to Cannabis Indica. A remedy known for its burning, itching rash.

After Urtica Urens 200K my patient not only recovers psychologically, but the rash and itch on her ankles also disappears.

She tells me she hasn’t felt this good in her life before. She feels confident and doesn’t need to withdraw in her little hole in stress situations.

Without the scheme of Yakir and the sensation method I would not have thought of this remedy.

And for the first time, I have an image of how patients who need Urtica Urens will present themselves to me, where their vital issues lie, what their themes are in this life, where their evolutionary point is.


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