DEVIL BEHIND-A Case of Asthma

DEVIL BEHIND-A Case of Asthma

Dr. ShekharAlgundgi

M.D. (Hom.), F.Hom (U.K.), M.F. Hom (Malaysia), N.D. (Naturo)

Co- Author: ArmeenJasavala and Dr. AlifiyaDedanwala, Editors, ‘the other song’

Dr. PriyankaPatole, Assistant to Dr. ShekharAlgundgi

This was a case of a 48-year-old patient who is a home-maker, consulted Dr. ShekharAlgundgion 22nd Sept, 2008 for complaint of Asthma. Following is the conversation between the doctor and the patient.

*Please note: this case is edited for brevity and clarity. D=Doctor, P= Patient

D: Tell me about your problems.

P: I have dry cough and breathlessness. Sometimes I have these fears and even now I am feeling that I can’t sit for long and can’t talk for long. I get tired easily. It’s sudden in onset.

D: How does the complaint affect you?

P: I get a lot of breathlessness and fear and then I start coughing after which I feel lifeless.

D: Tell me more about breathlessness.

P: When I get breathlessness I get fear. If I accidentally eat anything sour or cold I get these complaints. I cannot tolerate cold and sour products; and winter season. In the throat region I feel something. I feel that there is something filled up my throat. How phlegm gets stuck in the throat. And due to that I am unable to breath and I have to sit up all night.

D: How does it feel to you at that time?

P: I feel anxious. What will happen to me now? I feel very tired and exhausted and left with no energy in me.

D: When you say, you get anxiety what happens to you?

P: Different thoughts come to my mind; I get scared and then I have a biting pain in my head.I feel something has gone inside my brain, (patient is pointing to the vertex region) and herethe biting sensationis maximum. It bites and there is a sudden pain. As if somebody pricking nails or needle in my brain (again showing vertex).

[*This was very interesting & peculiar symptom which patient was reputedly telling to many doctors before she could meet a homeopath & they all declared her as a psychiatric case & given anti-depressants, sleeping pills & stuff like that but without ay relief in the symptom. We will come to this symptom in the understanding part of the case]

D: Describe that pain a bit more.

P: It is like when you get burnt. I feel that somebody has hit or some nail has been hit and I feel bitten. It is very severe like a sudden bang. Whenever I get this pricking headache my eyes start feeling heavy andthe body becomes weak and cold. It sets a deep fear in me.

D: Tell about that fear.

P: Fearful of being taken advantage of, being watched, being chased; as if somebody is waiting to catch me. This thought makes me completely paralyzed and cold. Otherwise I’m a very social person, I like to be with my dear ones andlook after them.

D: Tell a bit more of this paralyzed and cold.

P: As if getting caught and you can’t do anything. You become like a statue, can’t move your body to escape; and then you know that you are gone.

[Here we are trying to get more deeper qualities of fear, as fear is the common emotion but it’s finer qualities will guide us ahead in delusional level & from there kingdom will become clear]

D: What’s the experience physically?

P: Complete coldness of body as if you are sitting in a deep freezer or something.A strange stomach gripping starts.

D: Gripping?

P: (Hand Gesture: Both hands rolling around each other) as if being squeezed or coiled from neck to waistand this creates tension in head and eyes as if the eyes will pop out of a socketandmy head starts throbbing and stitching here (showing vertex).

[**Here patient is describing the source &it’s enemy in nature- the real fight…more explanation in the understanding section]

D: Squeezed, coiled?

P: Yes being twisted in a chain and then you become breathless, exhausted and cold.

D: Tell me about your dreams.

P: Somebody looking like thedevil is coming to beat me; who looks very huge and powerful.

D: What does that devil do?

P: It comes with its hand wide open and most of the time it comes in male form to scare me. It comes closer but it is not showing its face, only the body. I can clearly see where he is going. I am watching it and he also looking at me with anger and then he starts coming closer and closer and then I get very, very scared and it comes to catch me here (patient shows the hand grasping the throat region). I don’t allow him to catch me. I run away very, very fast and hide somewhere.

D: Hide?

P: Hide where nobody can see you and you will be safe.

D: Safe as in?

P: Nobody can attack on you, nobody can chase you.

D: What’s the feeling of being attacked and chased?

P: Very frightened as if that devil is coming towards me to kill me. I am scared, screaminglike a mad person, and he is squeezing me and then I get breathless (patient here took a deep breath as if feeling breathless at the moment).  Then whole night I can’t sleep. The moment I lie down I get the same dream.

[At this level as kingdom is clear now, our next quest is to find out what’s the process happening & through that what qualities are surfacing which will point towards the sub-kingdom & source]

D: Coming towards you?

P: Yes. It spots me where I am hidden and come towards me to catch hold of my neckand I’m unable to do anything at that time. I feel totally gone, I become numb like a dead body; helpless.

D: Describe that mad person.

P: Looking here and there what’s happening; searching all rooms as if someone has entered the house and I put on the light and see and when this fear is at peak I become suffocated, get cold and sweat; whole body becomes loose.

D: Just be in that breathless, what’s the experience?

P: I see that I am running away and that he is chasing me. I try all the possible ways to run away, but I cannot see any road to run away.

D: What’s the experience physically?

P: That time my body gets cold (Hand Gesture: both fists tightly closed and in from of each other) as if I am sitting in some cold place. Is see a cold ground and I am sitting over it no body is there to see me. (Hand Gesture: Both the fistcloses together and then crossing over the chest).

D: Any situation or any incidence that has affected you profoundly?

P: My son’s death.

D: What was the experience?

P: When my son died my eyes rolled up and I became mad. I was feeling like something heavy kept on my head. The head was looking as if enlarged. As if someone is hammering nail in my head.

D: What was happening to you physically?

P: There was shivering of the whole body. My hands and legs were loose as if there was no life left in it. As if they are paralyzed; no strength, I was not knowing what was happening to me. My body was absolutely cold.

D: Any other incidence?

P: Another incidence is my youngest daughter after her 10th exams she fell ill, somebody from my mother’s side had done black magic on her. I used to feel very scared now what will he do next, why me and family being victimized for no reason.

D: Victimized?

P: Being trapped (Hand Gesture: closing fist tightly) with no escape.

D: Trapped?

P: Caught up and squeezed and you are numb and can’t defend yourself.

D: What’s the experience in that caught, squeezed, numb?

P: Feeling completely exhausted and weak as if there is no life in me like a paralyzed person.

D: Tell me about your childhood?

P: There was nothing to worry about and used to play a lot. And the entire sadness was only after marriage.

D: What was that sadness?

P: Sadness means that my father got me married thinking that he has only one son and that there will be happiness if his daughter marries. He thought since I had a good job that I will be happy after marriage. I did a lot before marriage, I was the oldest among my siblings and I would take care of them like a mother. But then, the man who my father found turned out to be totally different. I got to know that these people were bad and nobody told us. From that time I got a shock and fright in me.

D: What was the feeling?

P: My entire body was loose, squeezed and cold due to thinking about it I was scared. There is no self-respect or anything.

D: Tell me about your likes and dislikes in food and drinks?

P: I like cereals and leafy vegetables. I also have habit of tobacco chewing.

Doctor, I have one more thing to share. During my childhood I used to see shirdi saibaba (a Priest) every day and I used to play with him. There is a cradle and I am in that cradle. There is a big house where he is coming and I am playing with him and there are lots of children.

D: What type of play?

P: There is circle and we used to jump from one side to the other. I used to love playing it. Then there is a rope where 2 girls hold that rope and I jump from one side to another that also I used to love playing.

D: What in that game you like the most?

P: That jumping from one side to another. I was very fast in running. That time there were huge mountains near by our place I used to go in one stretch up the hill and come down in one stretch. I was good in skipping and at stretch I used to do 100-150 skips. I never used to miss a single skip.

D: What you enjoy in running and skipping?

P: Lightness, freeness, as if my weight is very less and I can float in air, very joyful.


We see that the patient perceives herself as an extremely vulnerable person and has a strong need to protect herself from impending danger. Her coping mechanism to this vulnerable situation isrepresented by the frightor flightmechanism;running away very fast and hidingon one hand or on the other hand, a feeling offreezing because of fright to the extent that her whole body becomes paralyzed, cold and numband she eventually succumbs to the situation.Hiding for her was being safe where nobody can attack you. There was a constant fear of being looked at, chased, caught and attacked by a huge and powerful devil. Lot to do with body movements which is a sort of hop-skip & jumping moves.

Another aspect about her was being very caring towards her family, especially towards her siblings like a mother figure. This tells us she had a strong maternal instinct in her.

With this understanding we can conclude she requires a remedy from the Animal Kingdom.We see strong maternal instinct in the mammals group.

Belonging to the Mamalian group is the Rodent Subclass where survival is through running away quickly and hiding. Also, freezing at fright is an important key factor which collectively gives us an understanding of Lac oryctolagus.

When we study the remedy retrospectively 2 very important features of the source becomes clear:

* Prey animals like rabbits, cow etc. get harassed by birds pecking with beaks to eat small insects on these animals’ bodies. Symptom of pricking in head like nail or needle symbolizes this.


** This process of being squeezed or coiled from neck to waist which creates tension in head and eyes as if the eyes will pop out of a socket, is the exact description of rabbit getting caught by its number one predator i.e. snake.





JULY 2003


Dr. Bhawisha Joshi,

Dr. Irene SchlingensiepenBrysch

Dr. Shachindra Joshi

Drug substance obtained by:





  • Being deceived by people
  • Calm and then sudden alarm
  • Friendliness among all
  • Intense restlessness
  • Not strong
  • Lightness, weightlessness, joy and innocence
  • Very fearful, secure in small places and small groups
  • A restlessness to be on the move – need to move faster without weight and friction
  • Numbness
  • Cold; lack of body heat
  • Desire for tobacco
  • Dwells on past disagreeable circumstances


She received one dose of Lac Oryctolagus1 M followed by placebo for 1 month.



After I took the case way back in 2008, I was basically confused between Lac Oryctolagus, Lac suis & Rattus rattus as they all have common theme of alertness &freezing/ becoming cold on account of fright. So I gone through the proving of these 3 remedies.

In Lac Suis proving, along with above mentioned theme other characteristic themes were also present to pen down some of them are:

2 Proving’s by Stefan Kohlrausch and Kees Dam Cruelty, violence, brutality, being abused, misused, outcast, unjustly condemned, or being abandoned & insatiable appetite. Kohlrausch describes the remedy as highly syphilitic. Another theme was the discovery of treasures and jewelry (like Fluor). These themes were not matching so I excluded Lac Suis.

In Rattusrattus, Proving done by DrJayesh Shah Sir.

Few symptoms gave the theme of Danger, alarming situation, being persuade which is similar to Lac Oryct. Are:

  • Mind; DREAMS; danger, of
  • Mind; DREAMS; kidnapping, of; child, of a
  • Mind; DREAMS; violence
  • Mind; DREAMS; women; huge, black with wild and fierce face
  • Mind; FEAR; controlled by a purpose not her own, being
  • Mind; HIDE, desire to

But other Characteristic symptoms which differentiated it from Lac Oryctolagus are:

  • Fun-loving; spends money freely; desire for picnics, feasting, perfumes, bright and fluorescent colors and fancy clothes, highly seasoned food, variety of food; making silly, sexy jokes and gestures.
  • Lustful, insane appetite, craving for very fancy food. Constant discontent with the taste of food, always in search for tastier foods.
  • Desire for variety in sex. Increased desire with reduced morality.
  • Desire for extra-marital sex.

On the other hand Lac Oryctolagus are mostly in a pairs, if single rabbit is kept it becomes sick soon & dies. So they always live in pairs & are partners for life.

So I excluded Rattusrattus from the list.


Other differential diagnosis that comes here, is with the nightshade family, where also a theme of horror, persuade, violence & danger prevails. But which is due to it’s alkaloids viz. Scopolamine, Atropine, Hyoscyamine, Nicotine; effect on neurotransmitter junction which leads to neuroinhibition causing Sudden & explosive angerwith amnesia which is followed by it’s active, passive or compensatory reactions & an overall plant theme which is not the case here.


Follow Up 1 (25.12.2008)

D: How are you doing?

P: I am much better doctor. My cough has reduced to a greater extent, say 75%. Now I can eat ice creams and other cold things without much trouble.

D: What else?

P: My anxiety level has reduced now. I am not afraid of that devilish figure that I used to see in dreams. I don’t get fearful dreams now. The energy level is also good.

Plan of action: Placebo for three months.

Follow Up 2 (16.03.2009)

D: Yes tell me how are you?

P: I am doing good doctor. My cough is completely taken care of. There has been not a single bout in the past 3 months. I can tolerate fan now. I can do my work without getting tired. No fear bouts, no anxiousness, nothing!

D: What about dreams of devil?

P: (Smiling) that devil has run away now with your medicines! I get no such kind of fearful dreams now. Another strange change I noticed. I have stopped chewing tobacco, which a habit since my young age. I am surprised!

D: What’s the percentage of improvement you see in yourself?

P: Almost 95%.

Plan of action: Wait and watch.

Follow up 3 (16.6.2009)

D: Nice to meet you after a long time. How are you?

P: I am doing good doctor. No troublesome cough episodes, only occasional seasonal cold and cough that gets settle with some home remedies.

D: Any new complaints?

P: No.

D: What dreams do you get?

P: About day to day work only. Not like before; no such fearful dreams now.

D: So, are you happy?

P: Yes very happy doctor, thanks!

Plan of Action: Wait and watch.

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi M.D. (Hom.), F.Hom (U.K.), M.F. Hom (Malaysia), N.D. (Naturo)

Faculty: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy- The Other Song;

Honorary: R. K. Mission Hosp. Khar, Vashani Diagnostic center, Andheri, Holy Family, Andheri.

Dr. Shekhar Algundgi has been a renowned figure amongst homeopathic world since 2 decades, for his penetrative oratory skills, simplified way of teaching & concrete concepts. Calm, composed, and patient as ever have been the key features for Dr. Algundgi. Extensive meditation & catalytic way of reaching to the soul of a person has been his trend of practice. “Journey to the soul” has been the abstract gist of his approach in homeopathic world.

His innovative concept of ‘HomeoGurukul’ of sharing knowledge in an open echo friendly environment which is a soul of “Swara Konkan Workshop” has now been like a wild fire in the Homoeopathic circles. The idea of introducing the concept of a workshop which completely deals with not only a classroom pattern of teaching but having the flavor of doing it out in the open has been warmly welcomed by one & all.


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