A Case Of Psoriasis Treated With Lac felinum

A Case Of Psoriasis Treated With Lac felinum

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee (DHMS, FCAH)

Co-author: Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala, Editor ‘the other song’

This is a case of a 39-year-old unmarried female working as an HR in a corporate firm in Mumbai. She 1st consulted Dr. Chatterjee in August 2012 for psoriasis and asthma. She was given homeopathic medication for the same but did not get significant relief. Therefore, her case was reviewed again on the 17th August 2016.

She begins her case by talking about asthma which was since childhood. In the year 2006, she went to a homeopath for treatment of asthma and she says that she developed psoriasis after treatment. It started with cracks in the fingers and then it went to the neck and then the body. The psoriasis got worse with dust, stress, winter.  It is difficult for her to hide her eruptions she being the HR; she would leave her hair untied for all the time to hide her eruptions on her neck. When asked about her experience she said, “It affected her confidence levels and found it embarrassing.” She was also afraid if people misunderstood it to be contagious and would refrain from shaking hands with her or sympathize with her. That would be very humiliating for her. This would also lead to losing confidence in communicating with clients. In her past she suffered from jaundice and typhoid. Her asthma got worse with stress. She got stressed when she had to deliver anything in a given period of time. If she failed to meet her timelines she felt like a failure. She had lot expectations from herself, especially at the work front. She did not fear of being fired or being terminated. She came from a good family but financially very backwards. Her father, the only earning member in the family, was a drunkard. She lived in a joint family along with father’s brother. At a given time, they did not have enough money for food and electricity. She had been through hard times in life and being the youngest she took up the responsibility of house. She started her career as a clerk and was very cautious about her work. She would double check the things if there were any mistakes. She didn’t want to make any mistakes as she was afraid of losing her job then.

She was the only earning member in the family. She felt things were not going good, she felt dejected. The feeling was as though you are pulled down (showing the hand gesture being pulled down) as if you are tied. She doesn’t explain further when asked what is the feeling there.   The stress for her was she wanted to grow as it was important for her to earn self-respect and form her image. She said, “When you have that you are treated equally, not humiliated by people. You are also not looked down upon.” She further said, “When you have an identity and status, then you can have your influences and do not have to depend on others.” She wanted to be independent and she wanted to take care of herself so that she is not dependent on anybody.

She had a dream where she saw her office colleagues and as soon as she entered the office, it looked like a red light area and appeared as if some prostitution business was going on in there and no sooner than the scene immediately changed to a park with her family and there is some water flowing and she is flowing with it. So asking her about the overall experience in the dream, she said, “There is a feeling of humiliation.” She felt you are found in a place where your self-respect is questioned.

She also feared losing her job as that would make her dependent on others. She was single as she wanted to opt for an arranged marriage because she had given a word to her grandmother. It was important, as in olden days the reputation in the society mattered a lot and if you have an inter-caste marriage, the family’s respect gets affected. Which would mean that people may taunt you and they might stop you from coming to community meetings, they could also boycott you, make you aloof. When asked about the whole feeling in this situation, again she said humiliation.

In the past she had a break up with a boy from her community. Their horoscopes did not match so the boy eventually listened to his family and did not get married to her. She felt hurt, rejected and helpless. She would cry a lot and took over 2-3 years to get over it after which she decided not to marry at all. As humiliation came several times in her case, she was asked to talk about any other incidence where she felt the same. She spoke about an incidence where her boss abused her verbally, called her a clerk and asked her to throw her management degree in the bin. She was hurt, helpless, dejected and cried a lot.

{*Following is a short excerpt of the conversation between the Doctor and Patient. The conversation is edited for brevity and better comprehension}

D: What are your main fears in life now?

P: I fear darkness I am afraid of falling down from this position because I have come a long way in this. So I’m afraid of losing this. It’s not that insecurity or about losing the job, no. It’s not about that but it’s just that I don’t want to go back to a situation where I have to start afresh, or when things are not going well financially or something like that. So that is the fear.

D: Speak about falling down

P: I have come up a long way as I said, so going back to the scratch; that time I had a lot of energy when I had just started but now at this age, I don’t think I can sustain any of that failure.

D: What is the difference, if you go back to that position, if you fall down what is the main difference?

P: The main difference is that time I had a lot of energy, I had aspirations, I had that age where I would think I can do it or I can manage.

D: What was your dream? Tell me if you remember.

P: So I saw my reception area but with dim lights kind of a thing and inside there were a lot of clients, more of prostitution going on I would say. So that was a completely different set up I would say that the dream had.

D: When you say prostitution, what comes to your mind?

P: I think they are not treated; people are not treated equal on those lines and they cannot come in the society and if they say that I’m doing this, they may not be accepted.

D: If you see some prostitutes in a movie, what is your sensitivity?

P: I generally feel pity on them, basically the situations which lead them to do what they are doing so at some point of time I may even go in to doing social work as an NGO

D: Experience of that dream?

P: Experience is sometimes I cry in the dream, sometimes I may spit, I don’t know what it is I cannot really tell you the dream right now but yes that has happened. I have cried in the dream, cried a lot and sometimes it happens that your lips are very dry. So then I spit not physically but I feel that I did that kind of thing and I wake up.

D: Not vomiting, spit normally?

P: Spit. But it all gets dry

D: Some more dream or physical symptoms

P: Dream, I wouldn’t tell you the dream but what the effect is that sometimes I have a feeling that I’m falling off the bed. Actually I don’t have a bed, it’s more like I sleep on the floor only with a thin mattress.

D: She asked this question, I will ask again; in your whole life, what was the worst situation?

P: I wouldn’t say worst situation, but there was one time when I got very humiliated. Actually my boss used to fire a lot; he would make you lose your confidence. He was very loud. He would shout, abuse, humiliate and throw things. So when I completed my MBA he told me you are a clerk, throw your management degree, you don’t know anything, you leave the group. So that was one humiliation which I had.

D: Deep down what was the experience?

P: I felt very hurt, cried a lot.

D: What is hurt, if I don’t understand what is hurt feeling?

P: I actually felt that I have come a long way; buy in a very hard way. I have gained my own thinking. I have earned and done my economics. So, who is he to really judge or comment on this? My family was dependent on me. I did not have job at hand. At that time I was not earning that much that I have financial stability.

D: If a small child asks you what is hurt, how will you explain it to him?

P: That pains you, that makes you cry. Emotionally it disappoints you. You feel dejected. Then you feel very low about yourself. You lose your confidence.

D: What do you feel that time?

P: I use to feel the same way, what my father use to do at home. It’s not like hurled at me but he used to say that.

D: What means hurled?

P: Thrown basically; not thrown for you to do; my father never abused me but when he used to fight he would use those words.

D: And lastly if your boss says a bad word, what is your main feeling or experience and what do you feel like doing?

P: As I said I wanted to leave that place at the earliest. That was my feeling. My emotion is that I’m helpless. I want to go away but I can’t.

D: Very funny question – in your imagination, what is worse abuse, not by the boss but in general? What spontaneously comes to your mind when I say worse abuse? Not with you but in general, TV, newspaper, movie

P: No, right now if you ask me, rape is something which I would really see as a worse abuse to your self-respect.

D: Speak about it, especially the feeling of the victim

P: It is more about losing your self-respect and people taking advantage of the situation; rather than that situation, you get killed later in terms of society, how the society treats you.

D: Has there been any kind of abuse with you any time?

P: I wouldn’t say that it was abuse but in my childhood maybe when I was in the second or third standard; it has remained with me for long and now I understand more of it why those things but that time we were kids. One boy of my own standard abused me. Obviously he must have learned it looking at his parents and he tried to do the same thing with me in the class room.

D: What did he do?

P: He actually wanted to have a naked kind of a thing and he would ask me to touch and all those things that is the memory that I still have in my mind as an abuse. He used to sit next to me but not naked but he would open his zip or whatever and ask me to touch his private parts. So he would do that and then his friend used to say don’t you listen to what he is saying, you should do whatever he is asking. That was more of force.

D: If you don’t listen, what he would do?

P: I don’t exactly know what he said at that time but I don’t remember it. I just recalled this instance when you asked me.

D: What is your favorite dish in food?

P: Sweets basically; you can ask me if it’s another ten minutes. I like anything basically milk products. I also like fish and chicken. But I like more of shell fish which is actually to be avoided but I like crabs and all. Prawns and shells; I like that more than any other fish

D: What makes you very, very happy, and your hobbies and interests?

P: Music does make me happy

D: So what is the feeling there, harmonium, sitar; favorite Raga is going on, what is the experience?

P: I’m very stunned you know my whole body becomes very numb. I start living that experience basically so sometimes I may get tears when I go in to that mood. So when I hear a song that has good lyrics, it touches my heart so I go in to that emotion.

D: What is about the fear of darkness?

P: You’ll laugh at me but I feel like there might be a ghost or whatever and I still have that. So if you keep some doll or something in the house, I might feel that there is some spirit in that doll. It is more like you will behave weird; you don’t know how that spirit will?

D: So what will you do in the worst case?

P: You may kill yourself or you may harm somebody else.

D: How would you kill someone or harm someone? What do they show, how they kill?

P: They kill means they either smother or maybe stab or push from somewhere.

D: And how they stab and how they smother?

P: Smother is with the pillow or maybe with some cloth.

D: How is your anger?

P: I don’t talk too much when I’m very angry. So if I don’t like something, it’s more of expressions than words. So I will stop talking. And where I vent out words, it would be a very fierceful kind of a thing. So anger is something that is not there every day or every time but once in a while when I get angry, it is a very high pitch.

D: Anything happens to you physically?

P: I might shiver a little and there is a stretched feeling in the head and I do feel a little bit of strain when I do that. Most of my anger is like I will be cold. I don’t talk, I play ignorant.

D: You suppress it or you are really ignorant?

P: Ignorant. You may say I suppress it. I can’t tell you that right now but yes I do play ignorant to certain things which I cannot help or which is not under my control or where I cannot do anything.



Let us understand the main highlights in the case:

  • Chief complaint- Psoriasis with cuts on fingers, eruptions on neck and mainly on ankles- wanting to hide
  • P/H asthma
  • Confident and independent person
  • Sympathy aggravates her; it feels like being humiliated
  • Desires self-respect
  • Hard working person- achieved a good position at work and financially stable
  • Has strong principles and values
  • Likes music, singing and playing instrument
  • Energetic as a child

We know that patient had faced a difficult childhood and her father was an alcoholic. She did not share a good relationship with her mother. There was no bond or sharing of feelings. They did not have money to eat or pay electricity bills. She was an ambitious person and strived very hard to acquire a position at work place. She took up the responsibility of the entire family despite of being the youngest. She wanted to attain a position where she was not dependent on anyone. From an ordinary profile of a clerk, she came to a level of HR leading a group of 10,000 employees across India. She could now dictate her terms in the company. This was the life situation.

Let us examine the different areas of the case. The patient has various fear; fear of falling down from the position. The fear is she may have to be dependent again. She also fears losing her job. She feels she is no longer energetic to work that hard as she could in her younger days. Hence she is very cautious with her work. Besides she also fears darkness. She fear there may a spirit which may possess her and make her do wrong things like killing.

Another incidence that affected her deeply was being abused by her boss. He asked her to throw her degree in the bin and called her a mere ‘clerk’. She felt low, humiliated, dejected, helpless and insulted in that situation. She wanted to retaliate but was helpless due to her poor financial condition.

Another notable aspect is her dreams. She had dream of prostitution going around in her office. She would also cry a lot in her dreams. She experienced dryness of her lips in her dreams and would feel like spitting.

She was also sensitive towards rape. Rape according to her could lead to loss of self-respect and ill-treatment by society. In her childhood, she was subjected to sexual abuse by her classmate who would forcefully ask her to do wrong things.

When we put her important symptoms together in the repertory, we get:


We see Lac felinum coming up in the repertory.

Let us look up at Lac felinum in text and understand it from the system point of view.

Highlighting features of Lac felinum

  • Strong sense of independence-
    • Cats don’t have a ‘pack’ behavior like dogs. Dogs live and hunt in packs, so there is a lot of dependence for food and security. Cats in contrast have no vested interest in the pack and are quite independent. They are self sufficient ; they hunt on their own and would not share their food with others.
    • This self sufficiency can be seen in humans as a ‘Strong sense of Independence’. Patients who insist on doing all their work on their own with a feeling as if ‘I can do it and I don’t need you to do anything for me’ may call for Lac felinum as their remedy.
    • Owning to an independent nature, cats cannot be bullied and would if the owner treated them badly. They can’t take abuses and may revolt in such situations. Similarly, Lac felinum patients too cannot tolerate intimidation and will not submit to maltreatment/inhumane behavior for long. They may strongly voice out their displeasure about the same and may even take drastic steps like leaving the place where such illtreatment is given. This in contrast to Lac caninum people who are known to submissively bear abuses and harassments because of their dependence.
    • ‘Selfish behavior’, not sharing things easily may be few other traits of Lac felinum.
  • Conflict between dependence and independence
    • The main issue for a domesticated cat is whether to give up its instinctive wildness for benefit of a secured and pampered life.
    • The same conflict reflects in humans whether to be dependent or independent. The issues would revolve around whether or not to submit/degrade oneself for survival. In order to gain something eg. money, security, food, shelter, one has to sacrifice one’s independence, which they detest, hence the conflict.
  • Fastidiousness
    • Cats are very particular about cleanliness and enjoy grooming themselves.
    • Expressions in humans may be seen in form of fastidious, particular about cleanliness, finicky.

The conflict in Lac felinum is about submitting or degrading oneself for survival, for money or to save a relationship etc.

This can be lucidly understood by the following examples

  • Theme of prostitute who submits her body, degrades herself and her respect in order to ear money for her survival
  • Theme of eunuchs who have behaved in an obscene manner creating disgust and revulsion to get money.

The word ‘Prostitution’ must be used in a broader sense. It is the feeling of cheapening oneself. For eg. People working abroad do get more money but at the cost of opting for a job of poor status, lesser than what their qualification deserves. In addition they often have to suffer lot of humiliation and disdain as they belong to another country.

Thus other important aspects of Lac felinum include:

  • Dirty feeling about oneself
  • Feeling of not being respected
  • Feeling of being treated contemptuously

{*the above text excerpt is used from Vital Quest software}

Thus she received Lac felinum 1M bd for 2 days and cosmos for 1 month

Follow up dated 19/12/16

She was much better.

Her itching had reduced a lot. Her sleep was better. The stress levels were better. Earlier she would be concerned about her skin being visible to people but now she was not. Now she was more accepting about her situation. She would always keep thinking about her work, at office and home but now she left her work in office itself. She had stopped checking her phone at bedtime. Earlier she would keep checking mails even in the night, but now she kept it aside.

Her Psoriasis reduced a lot. The eruptions were blackish brown in colour, there was no pus or discharge from the skin. The area had lightened up compared to before. There were no new eruptions.

Feeling positive about things and had started taking things lighter. Earlier would over think and eventually affect system. Earlier would skip lunch for work but now has stopped doing that. Now she could accept her limitations and stopped enforcing herself. She designed her framework accordingly.

Follow up dated 27/01/18

She continued to feel better.

The stress levels had reduced a lot and she said she was more accepting towards the situation.

The skin darkness had become very light. There was no itching, no irritation. Overall she was 80% better. There were no dreams. She was seeking higher opportunities and was about to get more responsibility in the same firm.

The main change was the accepting level. Earlier would get panicky with work but now she maintained her calm and manage things in terms of structure. She took longer downtime for herself which earlier she would not.

Line of treatment was SQ.


Dr. Sujit Chatterjee (DHMS, FCAH)

Dr. Sujit is a classical homoeopath practicing in Mumbai since 1984; renowned for having successfully treated many cancer and pathological cases homoeopathically. Dr. Chatterjee has also been instrumental in the field of research by conducting provings of homoeopathic remedies. He is also a visiting consultant at BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital, Ahmedabad, where he provides his expert opinion on treating complex cases at the hospital. Qualities like humility and utmost dedication to patient care have won him the love and respect of his patients and colleagues alike.

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