A Case Of Depression Treated With Lac assinum

A Case Of Depression Treated With Lac assinum

Dr. Devang Shah MD (Hom)

Co-author: Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala

A 40 year old female patient consulted Dr. Devang Shah for depression on 29th December 2016 at ‘the other song’ Clinic. She had consulted him in the past about 4 years ago and had been given several homeopathic remedies like Naja, Calc Mur, Skatol etc without much relief. She had contacted him again stating she was in a miserable condition and needed help.

Her ex-husband had passed away and she was in a relationship with another man. He would repeatedly check her phone which annoyed her a lot. The experience of this was that of a burden. When asked to talk more about burden she could not describe any further.

Besides she was also suffering from headaches. It was mainly on the vertex and felt heavy. She felt as though someone is sitting on the head and this made her feel dirty. She described dirty as restricting, suffocating and frustrating. When asked to describe more, she said, ‘as though someone is ruling me; someone is ordering me; living life as per others terms; as if I there is some bandhan (restriction).’ Her mother in law was very restrictive. She would question her when she came home late.

The experience of being in this situation for her was like of a master and servant. If the master would get angry or upset he treated the servant like a slave. A slave for her was an unwanted person in your life. He is meant only for your needs and to do your work. One needs to follow rules and regulations. The experienced of that was feeling suffocated, drowned without oxygen. She felt lonely and stupid for doing all the things. This situation was killing her inside.

Analyses and understanding of the case:

In this case we understand the main feeling is that of being ‘burdened’. We see burdened not just in her mental situation but also in the physical complaint of headache. Hence burdened becomes the ‘Global Sensation.’

She further qualifies burdened as suffocation, restriction, ruled, ordered, master and servant, being treated like a slave. Through this we can clearly see the theme of victim and aggressor and through this we can infer she needs a remedy from the animal kingdom.

Further we need to find out which sub-kingdom she belongs to. We try and understand her experience deeper. Being burden made her feel restricted, suffocated like in a bandhan (tied up). She had to do what the master would ask her to. She would have to follow the orders timely. She was restricted from doing what she wanted to. The conflict was whether to do what she wanted to or do what the master wanted out of her. This is typical conflict of the Mammals whether to do for him or for others.

We need a mammal whose experience is that of being a ‘burden’, a ‘slave’ and a ‘servant’. This is the exact experience of the remedy Lac assinum.

She received Lac assinum 1M 1 dose followed by Cosmos.

Let us understand the key features of the animal and try to co-relate it with human behavior: (reference from Vital Quest Software)

  • As we know Donkeys carry loads, riders and pull carts, they are called ‘beasts of burden’. They don’t like to be confined. They defend themselves with powerful kicks.
  • A patient needing Lac assinum may use source words such as
    • Burden
    • Weighed down
    • Loaded
    • Restricted
    • Confined
    • Bounded
    • Free/freedom
    • Liberate
    • Kick

Follow up dated 28/01/17:

She was much better with the medicines.

Her thoughts had reduced a lot.

She did not feel bad as often as she felt earlier.

Her mind was much calmer.

Her affection for him had increased.

She dreamt about her ex-husband. The feeling in the dream was she was a servant.

She is no longer living with him. She was owning the house.

Her energy levels were good and sleep was sound.

She received Cosmos bd for 2 weeks.

The patient did very well on Lac Assinum for a period of 1year and did not require any medication in between.

From December 2016 to June 2018 she did very well on the medication and did not require any intermittent doses.

She returned on 26th June 2018 for the same problems with her boy-friend. She felt constrained, jailed, tied down as if her hands and legs were chained.

She felt he was treating her like a servant. She felt pressurized her and was being treated like an unpaid servant fulfilling his needs.

She received Lac Assinum 1M 1dose again.


Dr. Devang Shah M.D. (Hom)

Dr. Devang Shah graduated from D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College and has been practicing homoeopathy for the last 5 years. He feels blessed to have studied under Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee and Dr Mahesh Gandhi. His goal in each case is to reach to the depth of it and locate the root from where the branches of disease originate. He has been known among his colleagues and clients to have immense ability to be patient and unearth the disturbance within each suffering soul. “Silence is the opening of an infinite world within each of us. May we reach the depth so that the spirit arises.”


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