A Case of ADHD Treated With Lac delfinum

A Case of ADHD Treated With Lac delfinum

Dr. Aradhana Chitra (BHMS, CCAH)

Co-author- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala

The following case is of a 6 year old diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He was brought to Dr. Chitra on in December 2016. His mother complained of aggressive behavior. He was violent, abusive and would hit parents. On observation he had a wart on his forehead which made him conscious of himself. He got angry if children teased him and would want to hit them.

When asked about his anger and aggressiveness, mother said, he was angry, agitated and irritable all the time. He could not control his anger and often turned violent. He hit his father and bruised him on hands and legs when asked to finish his homework. He had hatred towards his parents and would often leave home in anger. He was a rebellious child and it was tough to calm him down. He would also hit his sibling and pets and they were all afraid of him.

His would not like children imitating him and got violent towards them. He wanted to be powerful, like a Hero and have nobody imitate him. He wanted to win every game. He loved to run in speed and defeat his friends in the race.

An interesting thing about him was his attachment with his mother. He would not leave her for a minute. He carried her picture in his school bag and would wrap her shawl around his neck. He wanted her attention all the time and would not like to see her to talk to anyone else. He held her hand at before sleeping and would want to play with her hair. He accompanied her wherever she went eg. Yoga class, dance class etc. He would not watch TV but preferred talking to her all the time and would fall asleep talking. At times, he woke up in the middle of night calling her and asking for her as though he lost her in his dream. He would seek her acknowledgement for everything he did. He shared a strong bond with her. He would tease her, hide her hair clips, slippers and ask her to look for them and would laugh at her. He would ask her to dress up to his choice and participate in particular activities.

He was very playful. He loved playing and being outdoor all day. He enjoyed cycling, skating and other activities that involved speed.

He feared darkness, ghosts and being stuck inside a lift. He also dreamt of scary ghosts in a haunted house. He described the ghost with long teeth and sharp nails trying to pursue him and his friends.

He also loved playing in water. He would spend hours in the bathroom with his toys and cars. He loved being in the pool for hours along with the same. He loved playing with remote control cars inside water and would drive them splashing water in speed. He also loved playing in the puddles, splashing and jumping in the water. His dream was to ride in a car that would swim in the water. His car should speed splashing the water around and jump.

Further he spoke about his love for fishes. He loved puppies and fishes mainly. He got very excited to see fishes giving birth. For him, the happiest moment of his life was seeing the fishes giving birth to young ones. He knew that normally fishes eat the eggs after laying them. Therefore he would take them out with the net and relocate them in another tub. He would spend half an hour everyday with the fishes and count their babies. He hugged the tub and say that they were his babies.  So every time he saw babies in the aquarium he would switch them to another tub to prevent them from being eaten. He got very upset if his fish died. Whenever his fish died, his society would know about it, similarly when the fish gave babies he would announce it to everyone.

His ultimate fantasy was to hold a hula hoop ring in his hand and each time he played the whistle the fishes would jump through it. And having said that, his eyes caught attention of a show piece on the consultation table that got him very excited; they were a pair of dolphins.

He received Lac delphinum 1M 1 dose.


In this case we see the features of the patient matching the source the DOLPHINS as follows which is a predator mammal.

  • Strong Maternal Instincts- Extreme attachment to the mother and for fingerlings (fish babies), protective about them, affected by them being eaten or dying. (Lac element)
  • Playfulness – teasing , playfulness with mother , loves to run, jump , splash (characteristic feature of dolphins known for their playfulness)
  • Affinity for water – loves to be in swimming pools, bathroom, dreams to be in a car inside water that can run in speed jumping and splashing the water.
  • Aggressive behavior – violent, can’t control anger, kicking, hitting ( Predator feature)
  • Can’t have others win over him, or have more power than him (Animal Theme )
  • Conscious of his looks, angry when teased by others
  • Great affinity and love for fishes – have 5-6 tubs, buckets and bowls full of fishes and loves them as his babies.
  • His ultimate dream was to have fishes to jump through a hula hoop on whistling which is a sport played by dolphins
  • His excitement on seeing dolphins kept in the consulting room confirmed the prescription.

Remedy given: Lac delphinum 1M 1 dose followed by SL.

Let us understand more about the remedy:

Lac Delphinum (dolphin )  ( delphis means womb)  fish with a Womb

  • It s a FISH belonging to
  • Animal kingdom ,
  • Mammalia
  • Cetacea
  • Characteristics
    • Strong Maternal instincts ( lac element )
    • Makes strong lasting bonds. Deep connection- recognize each other even after they were apart for a long time.
    • Known for Epimeletic behaviour -Show great compassion and concern for others – bring incapacitated  or unwell members to the surface so that later can breathe above water
  • Playfulness, enjoyment and fun
    • Makes elegant jump, enjoy rides on bow waves
    • known for their acrobatic feats taught by humans  and perform
    • Sometimes they tease or irritate other creatures for fun
    • Communicate with others by making sounds like whistles
  • Powerful, Predator animals
    • Known for their strength , speed and agility
    • Exhibit Aggressiveness and Violence.
    • Dominant ones establish hierarchy by abusing weaker ones
    • Violently assault tiger sharks by battering and banging , scratching with teeth
    • Chase prey at a high Speed.
    • Sharp vision
    • Technique of Echolocation- make ultra sonic sounds to identify the source of food

So in this case we could see the source exactly matching the patient’s behavior. We also see him pointing out to the showpiece on the table which contained a pair of Dolphins.

Follow up after 2 months in Feb 2017

The mother informed that the wart which was on the forehead had started breaking within 15 days of the treatment and after 1 month the wart completely feel off and skin cleared . His agitation had reduced. The intensity of his anger had come down. Though he would still get angry at one friend of his, but his level of aggression was better.  He stopped hitting his friends and the dogs at home.

April 2017-

His patience was much better. He did not lose his temper often. His extreme playfulness has come down and so has his need to be out of the house for all day. His concentration had improved. He seemed calmer and was doing his homework regularly.

August 2017 –

Mother experienced a 360 degree change in her child. His anger much controlled. The violence and aggression was not there at all. He was a changed child now. He was very patient and hardly got angry and that brought a change in the environment at home which also became calmer as his brother and dogs are very much relieved. They don’t get the brunt being hit by him as before. He became obedient and listened to mother and followed the schedule at home for his tuitions and homework. Mother did not have to pester him for daily chores. It came easy for him. His agitation improved a lot. Now the friend who he hated became his best friend. They can’t do without each other. He played amicably with him. He accompanied mother and allowed her to do run her errands peacefully. He does not get as restless as before. But his passion for fishes continues though it is lesser than earlier. He could cope better with the death of fishes unlike before.


Dr. Aradhana Chitra
BHMS, CCAH, Practicing Homeopath
& Head Bangalore Satellite Center The Other Song Academy

Dr. Aradhana Chitra has been an active homeopathic practitioner and has also been involved in education for over 20 yrs. As a practitioner, she consults at RxDx Teleradiology, a multi-specialty center in Bangalore, a charity clinic for the under privileged, as well as the nationwide clinic, a multi-center medical network across India. Dr. Chitra heads the Bangalore satellite center of “The Other Song” academy, a world renowned homeopathic research and education institution. She has successfully conducted advanced courses like CCAH, FCAH and Masters Program, held every year at the Bangalore satellite centre. She has also mentored doctors of “Dr. Batra’s Clinic”, by imparting specialist training and guiding them in solving difficult and complicated cases.  She has treated vast number of cases related to autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, allergies, Asthmas, bronchitis, eczema, migraines, osteoarthritis, psychological problems, OCD’s, Ulcerative colitis and others.



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