Boenninghausen’s approach and polarity analyisis in a case of scleritis

Boenninghausen's approach and polarity analyisis in a case of scleritis

Dr Devang Shah, In house Consultant and Faculty at ‘the other song’ International Academy and Clinic of Advanced Homeopathy, Mumbai received a case of Scleritis (Inflammation affecting the white outer coating of the eye) on 1st of September 2018. After detailed case taking, analysis and close examination, a well suitable Homeopathic remedy was selected for the patient. The patient responded beautifully to the treatment and completely recovered from the ailment within a span of 7 days as witnessed in the above picture

Analysis of the case

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Repertorisation according to Boenninghaussen’s Polarity Analysis

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He received Hepar sulphuricum 200, 4 doses over a period of 7days.
Method of analysis: Boenninghausens approach and polarity analysis

What is Scleritis?
Scleritis is the serious inflammation of the white part(called sclera) of the eye. This white part forms the majority of the eye. Inflammation of sclera is one of the major causes of red eye.

Causes of scleritis

  • It could be due to infection
  • It could be due to an allergic reaction
  • As a complication of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Adverse effects of medications such as immunity suppressants

Signs and symptoms of scleritis

    1. Redness of eye
    2. Severe pain in the affected eye
    3. Watering of the eye
    4. Reduced and /or blurry vision
    5. Photo phobia or over sensitivity to light
    6. Painful movement of the eye
    7. Headaches

Complications of scleritis

  1. Impairment of eye movement
  2. Perforation of the sclera
  3. Pain can be severely debilitating
  4. Secondary infection

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