Analyzing a Case of Anxiety with Panic attacks using the Sensation Approach

Analyzing a Case of Anxiety with Panic attacks using the Sensation Approach

Dr. Mayuri Patil (BHMS, CCAH)

Co-author: Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala

This was a prize winning case presented at the Bangalore CCAH convocation event this year by Dr. Mayuri Patil. For the first time, an alumni and competition of cases was organized at a Satellite center of ‘the other song’ Clinic at Bangalore. There were 7 case presentations by doctors of different age groups and experiences. The prizes were decided by the Jury. Amongst them were cases of Lung cancer, arcuate uterus, polycystic ovarian diseases, vitiligo etc.

This is a case of a 33-year-old female who consulted Dr. Patil for anxiety and panic attacks on the 26th August 2017.  She also suffered from stomach upset and allergy. She also had a feeling of tightness whenever she has colitis or acidity which increases on eating outside food and during exams and gets better with allopathic medication.

On further inquiry about herself and her life journey she directly started from her childhood stating that how her father met with an accident two days prior her birth and became disabled due to which her mother could not give time to her as she had to work for their livelihood which left neglected and having said that she started weeping.

(*The further case is presented in the form of case conversation between Doctor and Patient in order to understand the patient’s expression better. The case is edited for brevity and better comprehension)

Doctor: How did you feel?

Patient: I felt very lonely neglected. I wanted somebody in my life. I felt empty (weeping). My mother didn’t have time for me, and my studies. I had become very fearful and developed anxiety and fear of exam. I would always fall sick before exams and get anxious.

Doctor: How did exams bother you?

Patient:  Before exam I would feel that I will fail. That thought blocked my mind and I could not relax. I would feel very heavy. I used to feel fixed, feel like entangled in something, breathless and claustrophobic.

Doctor: What was your feeling after exams?

Patient: I would feel like a free bird, happy, enjoying, roaming here and there.

Doctor:  What else bothers you?

Patient: When I was a teenager, my uncle molested me, after which I underwent an emotional turmoil followed by sleepless nights for months and years. I felt disgusted. My father was very protective about me. I had a sinking feeling in my heart, felt helpless as if no one is there for me. There was so much tightness (HG – fist tight) within. I have immense anger towards him and feel like slapping him. I clench my teeth tightly during anger. I keep thinking about it which makes my head heavy. There is a sense of incompleteness within me. He is still not punished for his deeds. This thought lingers on my mind.

Doctor: What will happen if he is punished?

Patient: I will feel light, my heaviness will reduce. I was in a relationship during college, but I left that person. Now I am feeling guilty for cheating on him. Life is so unfair I am emotionally tired now.

Doctor: How do you feel when tired?

Patient: I feel some kind of heaviness in chest.

Doctor: And opposite of it?

Patient: Light, like happy go lucky person who can laugh freely.

Doctor: Describe this heaviness in chest?

Patient: As if something is kept on my chest. I get palpitation, shivering, fearful. I can’t talk then. I get irritated.

Doctor: Talk more about it?

Patient:  I was engaged to a rich person but when he learned about my anxiety issue and panic attacks, he broke up with me.

Doctor: How did you feel?

Patient: I felt I am not lucky when it comes to money. Due to my father’s condition we were very poor. I felt unfortunate that this person broke-up and again there will be money crisis for me.

Doctor: How do you feel with In-laws?

Patient: I feel they are exploiting me.

Doctor: How this problem affected your life?

Patient: I feel, I should resolve everything (like, calling my old boyfriend to say sorry, and expose my uncle). After that, I will feel at ease and will breathe easily. I will feel lighter and the burden will go. I want to forget all these things and avoid these thoughts. I feel so stuck when I think about it.

Her sleep was disturbed she woke up easily. She dreamt of being surrounded by spiders and also saw someone chasing her. In her dream she felt jittery, anxious and helpless with some kind of heaviness. She had fear of poverty and in- laws. She loved travelling to new places, meeting new people and dancing. She also liked eating sweets.


In this case we get two distinct opposite sets of symptoms:

  • On one hand there is feeling of Heavy, Tight, Burden, Compressed.
  • And on other hand we have feeling of being Light, Free like bird.

Thus we get Sensitivity and Reactivity of Plant Kingdom

  • Patient feels emotionally tired, isolated, unable to move, can’t talk, tight that signifies vital sensation of Hamamelidae.
  • Important words used by patient are:
Tightness, Heaviness, Emptiness, Blocked, Entangled, Claustrophobic, Free bird, Roam everywhere, Sleeplessness, Avoid thinking, Loneliness, Light, Guilt


The feeling of sycotic remedies are incapable of handling situations, hence weakness and avoidance, covering up. Guilt, Fixed ideas, Stuck.

In this case, her feeling of being stuck in a situation and accepting it, avoiding the thought and feeling of guilt is indicative of ‘Sycotic Miasm’.

 Let us look at the chart showing remedies corresponding to the miasms in ‘Hamamelidae’ family:


On Repertorization the symptoms, we get:



Cannabis Indica:

Cannabis is a sycotic remedy. It is a remedy of the plant kingdom and belongs to the addictive group of “drug” remedies. As in other sycotic remedies, we see a cover up for a feeling of inadequacy. Like other plant remedies Cannabis has oversensitivity. It also has a sense of isolation and other symptoms common to the group of “drug” remedies. The perceived weakness is actually an inadequacy in facing the threats, dangers and risks of the outside world.


The patient received Cannabis Indica – 1M (single dose) followed by SL – 15 days

Source Connection: Patient loved Tobacco smell!

 2nd Follow up: 5th Sept, 2017.

 Patient: I am 30% ~ 40% better, stomach-ache is decreased. Anxiety/Panic attack still there.

3rd Follow up: 13th Sept, 2017

 Patient: Acidity due to outside food. Anxiety 50% better. Allopathic medicines twice a week.

 4th Follow up: 16th Oct, 2017

 Patient: Stomach issue 60% better. Anxiety much much better.

After 6 months:

Her stomach complaints were much better.

Panic attacks were very rare

She was not feeling guilty anymore

She was over her past.

The feeling of heaviness had markedly decreased,

She enjoyed sound sleep.

She is well since then, anxiety 100% gone, repeated Cannabis Indica 1M once or twice!


Dr. Mayuri M. Patil (BHMS CCAH)

Dr. Mayuri Patil graduated from SJH Medical College, Akola in 2010. She completed her certificate courses in Skin, Gynaecology, Child Health and Veneral diseases from Akola. She also did her Certificate Course in Advanced Homeopathy from ‘the other song’ International Academy in 2017. She was an assistant practitioner at Naik Hospital from 2007-2010. She is a Consulting Homeopathic practitioner at Suncity Gloria, Bangalore since 2016.


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