Understanding A Case Using ReferenceWorks

Understanding A Case Using ReferenceWorks

By: Dr. Amruta Hede

Edited By: Armeen Jasavala and Dr. Alifiya Merchant, ‘the other song’

This is a case of a man, age 35, diagnosed with GERD. He presented with burning, which was restricted only to the epigastrium along with dryness in the mouth. He complained of severe acidity since age of 16. The GERDwas worse after eating spicy food and in the evening post 6pm until midnight. He was better after drinking cold milk and eructations. He had heaviness in the head with no inclination towards work. He also felt confused in certain situations. He had a past history of Typhoid and Malaria.

He described himself as calm and reserved person. He dreamt of snakes and he had fear of high places. He enjoys adventure activities and watching science fiction. He also likeswatching historical serials, which he felt helped him learn many things. With regards to his work, he said it required a lot of creativity, knowledge, skill and talent. He craved sweet things and was aggravated by pulses.

When asked about stress, he said he had no apparent stress in life and was pretty happy go lucky. He did not go into further detail.

Analyzing The Case

From the above information, the clearest symptom of the patient was pain in the epigastric region associated with dryness of the mouth. The other symptoms were common to his complaint of acidity. Hence, we need to focus our attention on this characteristic symptom and anchor here.

It is important to find this exact symptom in the Materia Medica, which is made very simple and easy by the reference works software.

When we put epigastrium within three words of dryness within three words of mouth; we get the following remedies:

cahrt11 cahrt12

Now, when we find such a particular and characteristic symptom, it is important to study each medicine in the group. From the above remedies, the exact symptom of the patient was found in Ptelia.

Reference from Boericke’s Materia Medica.


From Hering’s Guiding Symptoms


Ptelia as a lesser known remedy but it is interesting to see that it is one of the most significant remedies for chronic gastric catarrh and has a marked action on the stomach and liver.

On the basis of this, the patient received Ptelia 30 once daily for1week followed by placebofor 1 month.

Follow-up After 3 Months

In the first two months, there were no episodes of burning in stomach. The patient could now manage to eat spicy and outside food without any complaints. He felt 80% better with his stomach complaints. He occasionally had regurgitation of food after eating in the first week after starting the medicines, which subsided on its own with any medication.

Besides this, his episodes of heaviness in the head had come down. His appetite had increased and he could eat well without any repercussions. His thirst had also improved.

When asked about his mind and mood he said that his ability for concentrating had increased and his irritability was much less. He did not have any dreams. Although he was stressed lately due to some property matter, he was calm and wanted to resolve it as soon as possible.

Presently, he had a sensation of heat in the soles, which was more in the evenings. He got this symptom every summer. He was better by washing with cold water and putting the feet out of covers in bed.

Interestingly Ptelia covered this symptom too:



In his understanding he felt 80% better overall.  No repetition was given.

It is interesting to see how a case unfolds with just one characteristic symptom in hand.

The patient showed a miraculous result with just 1-2 repetitions of the remedy. This is the beauty of homeopathy.

The Reference Works Software is an important tool to utilize when there are peculiar characteristic symptoms available and the mental picture is not very clear.


About The Author:

Dr. Amruta joined ‘the other song’ International clinic as a Resident Doctor in March 2013. She received her BHMS degree from Shri. Kamakshidevi Homoeopathic Medical College, Goa in 2010. She has been practicing Homoeopathy in Mumbai for the past 5 years. He has been successfully gaining experience under the guidance of eminent doctors like Dr.Sudhir Baldota, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Paresh Vasani, Dr. RashmiJaising and Dr. Munjal Thakkar. Her growing interest led her take charge of a charitable clinic ‘Gurukul’ where she been working under Dr. Sankaran. With the intention to spread her acquired knowledge and experience, she participated in a Teacher’s Training program and has been teaching in basic, advance and university related courses at the other song ever since then.


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