Repertorial Understanding Of Insecta

Repertorial Understanding Of Insecta

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad (BHMS)

Edited by- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala, Editor, ‘the other song’

Studying and applying Insect Remedies in clinical practice always intriguing. Typically, we often have used Apis Mellifica for Urticaria and Cantharis for Urinary Tract Infection. After studying other Insect remedies, I tried to especially explore the INSECT REMEDIES through Repertory and found some of the remedies to be clinically very useful.

Following are some random thoughts and practical experience about some of the Insect Remedies I have clinically used.

I believe, this topic is a ‘work in progress’ and that we need to still explore this much more to go in depth and apply this wonderful group of remedies in our practice.

Following is an example using a case excerpt:


A 34 year old lady consulted me for Asthma and COPD. She was given Kali carb previously which failed to help her. Her case was reviewed again and I found she had breathlessness whenever she experienced stress or got nervous. She was worse at 3am in the every night and the symptoms returned at same time each night. Lying down, damp weather, any change in weather were some her modalities that worsened her condition. She was taking Inhalers and steroids.

She described herself as aggressive, quarrelsome, impatient, quick and hurried kind of a person. She was affected by trifles and got into a quarrel easily especially with her mother in law. She was loud, loquacious and animated in her manner of talking. She was afraid of animals and insects in general. She was very possessive about her belongings as a child and jealous if her sister was given anything before her. She would end up crying on such matter very often. She liked keeping herself busy all the time; she would find something or the other to keep herself occupied. In her dreams she saw animals and insects mainly. On observation she was laughing on basic questioning, and laughing easily. Over serious matters

She had impulsive cravings occasionally and was restless during sleep. She was sensitive to taking cold in general.

Analysis of the case:

On repertorizing , we get

We see Blatta orientalis coming up distinctly in this case. I have seen my teacher Dr. Vijay Vaishnav use this remedy quite often to treat cases of Asthma when Arsenic alb fails to help.

In order to further confirm the remedy, we take a look at the mind rubrics in this case.

I was quite surprised to find Blatta here as well. Interestingly on further understanding Blatta, I found it a combination of Kali carb with its physical symptoms and Hyoscymus like mind symptoms. In this case, she received Blatta orientalis 200 1 dose followed by SL.

Material Medica References:

Boericke’s Materia medica

System understanding of the case:

The underlying features of insect remedies are busy, restless, impatient, aggressive, jealousy. From my observation, the patient was animated in the manner of talking, she was laughing without any reason, laughing on serious questioning. We also know that she was aggressive and jealous as a child. We see her qualities and energy level resonates with that of an insect. Hence, with system and symptom both coming together in the case we can be sure of the remedy.

Follow up after 6 Months

  • She was physically much better. Her breathlessness and asthma attacks had reduced by 90%.
  • Her use of inhalers was negligible.
  • Her sleep was better.
  • Her level of impatience and restless had also decreased and she appeared much calmer as a person.
  • She said she felt more relaxed
  • She did not have any notable dreams.
  • In her observation, her fights had also decreased and would not get angry that often like earlier.

Following are some examples about lesser used insect remedies through Repertory in Clinical practice

  1. Formica Rufa Commonly known as Red Ant
  • This is a very good medicine for arthritic disorders. We commonly see Gout and articular rheumatisms with pains worse on motion and better with pressure.

Knerr Repertory


Boericke Repertory

General: rheumatism: articular, acute: aggravations: motion.

General: rheumatism: articular, acute: ameliorations: pressure.

This remedy is commonly used by my Guru Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar in case of Nasal Polyps in high potencies.

  1. Coccinella Sempuctata: It is prepared from an insect, known as the Lady bird, belonging to the order of Coleoptera.
  • This is one of the top ranking remedies for Toothache worse by cold air – especially extending to ear and occiput

Following are some rubrics:

  • Pain: toothache in general: air: cold: as from cold air: forced into, were.
  • Pain: toothache in general: extending: ear, to.
  • Pain: toothache in general: extending: occiput, to.
  • One of the Concomitant symptoms of coccinella given by Dr. N M Chaudhary is patients wakes up with lot of saliva in mouth.

Saliva: Profuse: Awakens- Knerr Repertory

  1. Pulex: Common Flea

One of the main symptom of this remedy is constant frequent urging to pass urine, with occasional burning in urethra.

  1. Coccus Cacti: An insect infesting cactus plants. The dried bodies of the female insects are used for making a tincture or trituration.
  • It is well known remedy for cough.
  • An interesting symptom clinically verified by me where the main feeling is as if something is Obstructing in the EYE as if like a Hair or like a Foreign Body
  • Pain: Eye Foreign body, as from: Hairs.- Kent repertory – single remedy coccus  cactii

It is important to note that the above rubrics can be used as guiding indications for the remedy but we need to make sure that the case has underlying theme of insects as we saw in case of Blatta; not only the symptoms were matching but underlying that there were qualities of insect (busy, restless, aggressive, animated etc.) expressed by the patient.

To conclude, the kingdom Insecta has a lot to offer from homoepathic point of view. One needs to explore this by detailed study Materia Medica and Repertory in order to optimize the use of this wonderful set of remedies in practice.


Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad (BHMS)

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad graduated from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College in 2011. He mainly got his motivation for studying homoeopathy by Dr. Vijay Vaishnav. He learned under renowned homoeopath Dr. Sarkar and L.M. Khan from Kolkata. He was highly inspired by Dr. Sankaran’s approach in homeopathic practice while attending his OPD clinics at CMP. He greatly contributed to the books Synergy in Homoeopathy and Synergy Synopsis by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and also worked on The Pathological Factor in Homoeopathic Prescription by Dr. Ashok Borkar. He is tremendously passionate about homoeopathy, especially studying the repertory in great detail. Apart from that, he is successfully running his private practice treating patients suffering from various conditions. He also manages patients at Dr.Sankaran’s private clinic.


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