Master’s Program

Master’s Program in Homeopathy – July 2020 batch

Course Dates : 1st July to 21st December 2020 (6 months program)


Headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran
Supported by Homoeopathic Research and Charities


Discover your inner hidden qualities

The objective of the Master’s Level Program in Homoeopathy is to create confident, successful homoeopaths who are healers in totality – i.e. they are compassionate human beings, true to themselves and others, endowed with the capacity to heal and cure. This comprehensive training is imparted through a step-by-step process that enables participants to visualize their own hidden qualities and in the process transform themselves into better homoeopaths and human beings. During each session, not only will participants learn the intricacies of advanced homoeopathic practice, but also get insight into their innermost qualities and predispositions.


– Techniques and training for all ages and levels of students
– Connection to a cohort of stalwarts all under one roof
– Complete learning prioritization inventory tracking your growth in homoeopathic training
– Access to comprehensive guide through individual mentorship program
– Experience exclusive live cases mode of training- unique in itself
– Video cases with guide to different approach and advances of sensation method
– Robust participant guide , with tools, resources and course material to read through the program
– Master your prescribing skills with fiery confidence by our hands on training exercise
– Mentorship program to cater your individual needs
– Discover simple techniques and amazing strategies to tackle chronic and acute cases through cases
– Release your limiting belief and fears with our panel of guides so that you can experience a newfound joy and passion to practice!

Course Design

The program is designed for students and practitioners of the Sensation Method to further enhance their skills in the technique, and to serve as a turning point in the life of every homoeopathic practitioner.
Long term course which focuses on exclusive training in homeopathy making them good practitioners.

The course curriculum focuses on:
Case taking techniques for complex cases
Approaching unknown drugs & trouble shooting problems by applying the Sensation Method
Preliminary training in teaching the Sensation Method
Excellence in Homoeopathic practice

Month 1: Setting your mindset – Basics of Homoeopathy
Month 2: learning your song – Sensation method
Month 3: Case taking mastery- (Clinical trainings)
Month 4: Master strategies and techniques in prescribing
Month 5: In-Depth learning of sensation method
Month 6: Final refinement


All courses will cover lectures on the following topics:
• Practical application of case taking techniques by integrating the fundamental principles of Classical Homoeopathy with concepts of the Sensation Method
• Learning Basics of homoeopathy- Materia medica, Repertorization techniques, learning different repertories, old and new miasms, application of Organon in practice
• Detailed discussions with senior homoeopaths on case-taking, case understanding, and case management.
• Differentiating between common and characteristic symptoms
• Converting characteristic symptoms into rubrics
• Practical application of the concepts of Miasms and Levels of Experience
• Understand and distinguishing between Delusion and Sensation
• Learning advances in Homoeopathy: Differentiating between Sensation and Miasm
• Learning various questioning techniques with a parallel thought process of the homoeopath
• Management of acutes – fever, respiratory system, nervous system, GI system, skin, rheumatic complaints, gynecological complaints, acutes in pediatrics
• Deepening students’ understanding of well known remedies from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, and integrating them with the Sensation Method
• Understanding how to deal with patients in denial/ projection/ rationalization/ intellectualization
• Determining how deep one should go into a case
• Further exploring and assessing Miasms and Levels of Experience in a case

  • Further exploring the three kingdoms:
  1. Plant kingdom – differentiation between apparently similar families
  2. Mineral kingdom – differentiation between the rows
  3. Animal kingdom – differentiation between the classes
  • Exploring rare remedy groups like halogens, nosodes, sarcodes
    • Case solving test every month to access progress of students
    • Motivational lectures – how to build up good doctor – patient relationship
    • Rotational postings in evening clinic for case taking sessions with consultants
    • Group Discussion sessions and case solving test series to apply the method in practice
    • Hands on training: get opportunity to take cases and interact with patients and expert panel to learn the techniques of practice. It starts from 3rd month onwards.
    • Mentorship program to cater your individual needs to assess your progress.Students are expected to carry at least one repertory.


Interns & Beginner practitioners or ex-students of the Basic/Advanced Courses in Sensation Method


A certificate of participation will be issued to all students who successfully complete the course with minimum 75% attendance.

Course Schedule
Batch : 1st July to 21st December 2020
DURATION: 1120 Hrs / 6 months / 140 working days
TIMINGS: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Days: Monday – Saturday (except Sunday & Public Holidays)

Course Fees

INR 82,500 ( Inclusive of 18% GST)

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A unique 3 day workshop for masters students – Journey Within at Apti. (Fees – INR 1000)

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Master’s Program
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