Personal Evolution Psychiatry Module



Psychiatric Cases in Homoeopathic Practice

– An Ongoing Series by Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Mind is an important aspect in homoeopathic treatment. This module simplifies the understanding of mind and its abnormal functioning. We at ‘the other song’ conduct this psychiatric series module where, various disorders in psychiatry are explained to the participants through case presentations. This module is focused upon a new and simple approach to case-receiving and remedy selection. Ideas learnt here are applicable not only to psychiatric disorders but to all cases.

The course includes lectures on treatment of psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, psychosomatic conditions, as well as advance pathologies like OCD, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. With this, Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, Consultant and Faculty, the other song also elaborates plant classification through his systematic understanding of plant families through developmental stages. Being a psychiatrist by education and a homoeopath by choice, he is able to understand the mineral, plants and animals in depth through their personality types which he also illustrates in his sessions.

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We started with a humble group 5 years ago. Today we have more than 100 people attending Psychiatry Series regularly. The group strength has grown many times stronger in past 5 years. Senior practitioners are attending regularly for many years. Some of them have even started treating psychiatry cases on their own. Also, patients coming for homeopathy cannot do without studying mind symptoms. The series will thus help not only in treating Psychiatry cases but in any form of pathology.

We are beginning the new module in the year 2018 by popular demands from lot of homeopaths from all over India.

What is Psychiatry series?

Mind is an important aspect in homoeopathic treatment.  Each module of Psychiatry Series simplifies the understanding of mind. The focus is on simple approach to case receiving and remedy selection.  Ideas learnt here are applicable not only to psychiatric disorders but to all cases.

What will I learn in Psychiatry Series? 

  • Lectures will be taken by world renowned psychiatrist & homeopathy – Dr. Mahesh Gandhi on various kingdoms.
  • Two modules every year will be taken by internationally renowned teachers (These modules are included in the cost of the series, no extra cost involved).
  • Illustrative cases will be shown by Dr. Mahesh Gandhi along with explanation of the cases.
  • The participants will learn how to treat common psychiatric disorders with homoeopathy.
  • Get an in depth understanding of minerals, plants, animals and their personality types.
  • Get to learn newer ideas on plants by a systematic understanding using developmental stages.
  • Hear from Dr. Mahesh Gandhi about the internationally popular and growing “Personal Evolution  Model” which is developed by Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, adapted from Dr. Michal Yakir’s ‘Theory of Plant Evolution.’
  • Learn how to manage Acute Psychiatric illnesses with homoeopathy.
  1. Can I join the module while the series is still going on?

Yes you can join while the series is in progress because each module is an exclusive topic. You can join even if you have not attended previous modules.

  1. What if I miss a module?

You can attend the video lectures of the module that you have missed.

  1. Can I see the modules on DVD?

Yes, DVD series is available. Please refer to the ‘Fees’ section for same.