A Case Of Skin Eruption Successfully Treated With Blatta Orientalis

A Case Of Skin Eruption Successfully Treated With Blatta Orientalis

Dr. Aradhana Chitra BHMS, CCAH

      Co- author- Dr.AlifiyaDedanwala, Editor, the other song

This is a case of an 8- year- old child with Papulo- vesicular eruptions on the upper extremities. He was brought to Dr. Chitra on the 6thof July 2015 by his mother.

The following is the case interview between the doctor and the patient.

(*Index to the letters D=Doctor, P= Patient, M= Mother, Hg= Hand gestures)

D- What is happening?

P- I get small eruptions every now and then, I don’t believe that these are mosquitoes bites and I think it is something else because when a mosquitoe bites, it will become big, but this is not like that.

D- What do you feel in your hand?

P- I start scratching and sometimes it bleeds. Later, it will becomeblack. If I don’t wash it, the blood will become a coat.

D- What are the things that affect you?

P- One guy irritates me a lot at school, he will always tell me,“Come here, come here”.

Mother of the patient- My son’s name is Mark Anderson, he feels bad that everybody teases him for having marks all over.

D- Tell me about that boy who irritates you?

P- He is a fat guy and when I go down to play and when I am playing very seriously, I realise that someone is coming to catch me, and that it is him. He used to come in the middle and be like,“Marky come here, come here”. I push him away and run but still he chases me.He sits next to me in class. He kicks my bag and I get angry, so I kick his bag; while I am writing notes, he will push me and tell me that he needs more space. On the other side, there are thin fellows who tell me to move the other side, so Idon’t get space for myself , so Ikick all the bags and tell them to shut their mouths.

D- What do you feel?

P-  I get angry and shout at them. When they get irritated their faces turn into frowns. The guy behind me also makes a face like that when he is irritated, so I get angry and turn back. These guys irritate me a lot. They tell me that I am taking too much space. I keep one book and box on my desk, and write like this (shows gesture of shrinking himself), those guys sit like this and write (shows gesture of expanding) so I just kick their bags and say give me some space.

D- What makes you kick their bag?

I get irritated, I get angry, Itold the teacher and she changed his place. That fat guy is a new comer, and when my teacher is there he acts so nicely and gives me a lot of space.She asks me why I am not giving him space. When the other teachers are there, he is obedient and he will take only a little space and he will allow me lot of space. At that time, Ifreely sitbutthe teacher will come and ask me why are you not letting him space

Doctors Comments-So here we see that patient has a problem with his space being taken away. He feels that the fat boy is intruding or invading his space, so he reacts by kicking his bag.

D- Why is he doing that?

P- In the beginning when he came to our class, the one who usually sits with me was absent that day. He was my best friend, but everyone told the fat guy to sit near me. I got irritatedon the first day itself.

Doctors Comments- His experience is that of irritation. You can see irritation coming again and again in the case.

D- Why does he do that in front of the teacher?

P- In front of the teacher he acts like an obedient student, but when the teacher is writing something on the board, he irritates me. He tricks me often.When theteacher asks him why he is sitting down, he will tell her that I have asked him to sit down. When I say that I didn’t, the teacher would tell me to shut up and get out of the class.

Doctors Comments- Here we see that the boy is manipulating the situation and trying to get him in trouble.

D- So he will always see that you get punished?

P- In PT(physical training) period or lunch period after I eat, some of the girls will be sitting in the class and he will be sitting with them and he will be talking about something. One day, when I was drinking water, I saw him and I hid under my bag (Hg). I kept my bag open and was sitting low. That guy didn’t see me, he went near the board and said, “Now girls, I will teach you some math, and he put 5+5+5+5 and asked them, who wants to be a math teacher”? One girl came forward. He told her solve this sum, and only then she couldbecome a mathteacher, she told him to get lost. All of the girls went out of the classroom and I was laughing under my bag. Suddenly I laughed so loudly, he saw me and took my bag. I ran and crawled under all the tables and ran out of the class”.

D- Why did you crawl?

P- If he gets me, he will carry me (Hg) and take me to all the girls and say, “Look, look…”.

Doctors Comments-From the above conversation, we can see that the child beautifully uses source words like hiding, crawling under the table and running away to describe a situation where he wants to defend himself from the boy who heis threatened by. Now we need to further explore this fear in him.

D- What does he do then?

P- He lifts me and takes me near the girls and puts me there. Once there was a marathon I ran, but I hit one leg and my other leg got twisted. It still pains. He knows that I am still in pain and that I can’t run very much, so he lifts me and puts me near the girls.

D- What is that boy’s intention to put you in between girls?

P- He wants to irritate me.

Doctors Comments-Irritation comes again.

D- What is irritation? How doesit feel to you?

P- None of my friends will be with me and I will be lonely, and I feel that people whom I don’t know will speak a lot to me.

D- What do you feel in loneliness?

P- I am not with my friends.

D- Whyis this boy doing all that?

P- The first day when he came, I irritated him, so until now, he is irritating me.

Doctors Comments-The feeling here is of tit for tat-  I did something so he is doing back to me. The patient’s life revolves around this boy who is irritating and troubling him constantly, and he has a feeling of giving it back. This is a hint to the feeling of being victimised by an aggressor. Here, we see a glimpse of the animal kingdom.

D- How did you irritate him?

P- The first day when he came, my friend was absent, so he sat next to me. He didn’t bring anything with him, only one bag, one water bottle and big pack of snacks. Right away, he asked me to give my notes to him.I didn’t give anything to him at that time because he should have brought it himself. Also, when I was writing some notes, he was fidgeting with my magnetic compass box, pressing its buttons and dropping it every now and then. So, I scolded him a lot. I irritated him the first day, only one day, but he is irritatingme constantly now.

D- How does it feel when he does all this to you?

P- If he is sitting, Iwant to lift him and throw him down but he is fat so I cannot even do it.He is 56 or 57kgs so even if I push him, I know he will remain in the same place, I will be going backwards!

D- What is your feeling with his presence?

P- I wish that he was not born in this world. I get very angry (HG-patient hits the table with his fist). The principal also likes him.Only one teacher doesn’t like him.

D- In front of teachers, what is he trying to do? What is his intention?

P- He is testing my patience for a long time. One day I will slap him.Once I scolded him, and the teacher asked me why because he is a motherless child. Everyone knew that he was a motherless child andhe takes advantageof it, so they act kind with him. He wants me to act like that, but I won’t act.

D- What makes you say that you won’t act?

P- He irritates me and he shouts that he wants more place.

Doctors Comments-Again, the issue of space and irritation came up. This is very strongly felt. The boy is taking away his space which means there is a strong need to have space.

D- What irritates you? How is he irritating you?

P- His size and his face. He is like Santa clause, if he gets angry, he looks like this (shows expression); my social teacher also looks like this. She is also fat.I get scared, they look like monsters.He doesn’t even wear his uniform properly, it is not ironed. He bullies me a lot in computer lab. I want my best friend to sit near me, he is thin, but when this fat guy pushesmy friend away, he falls down. If he gets angry he won’t beat him up, he pushes (hg), the one who is getting pushed will go and hit himsomewhere, that will be a pain.

D- How doesit makes you feel seeing him?

P- Now I told the teacher that he is irritatingme a lot, so she made him to sit near another girl, and that girl told me to take him with me. I told the teacher to put him out of the class.

D- For you, having him in the class is like what?

P- A bully.

D- What is a bully? Describe the bully, not him.

P- An irritating guy who makes us get angry, testing our patiencecontinuously, and asking stupid questions. I want to push him away, (hg), but if i push him, I will fall back.When I am running, that guy will run behind to catch me. Usually Irun very fast but my bag is very heavy and dark in colour so even if I am exhausted, I can’t keep my bag down as it will become dirty. That guy, even though he has lot of weight, has a lighter bag so he drops it down and runs fast to catch me.When he catches me, he doesn’t let me go, I will try to remove my bag but then he will be catching (hg) the bag, he will throw it down, and again run behind me.

Doctors Comments-Here, we see the feeling of being caught and put in a space where he cannot run.

D- Do you get any dreams at night?

P- I see monsters. My dad and I were in a car, we both were resting under a tree, then suddenly we heard some sound, suddenly a car flew up and broke into pieces and thenfell down.

D- You were in the car?

P- No, we were under the tree, the car fell down and from the tree, a small gel got spread (hg) and converted into a monster, and this guy named venom who is also a monster came, and then before I knew it suddenly many monsters came.From their body, 4 balls came, those also became like that, it all came like this (hg of hands going apart and expanding ), and at that time I woke up.

D- What were those monsters trying to do?

P-Hitting us! When I was going to karate, I used to get such a dream and suddenly in the night I would wake up. I see my friends of the brown belt karate team come like power rangers and I then change and wear my karate uniform and belt, and then I go and kick some cars and kick some fellows.

Doctors Comments-As we see, there is a theme of fighting and violence, attack and defense (i.e. car blowing up, huge monsters, karate and kicking).

P- Once I was watching a show where plants became like a monster, and I got very scared.That monster looked same like that fat guy of my class. The only difference was that the monsters face was a little melted but this guy’s face is little stiff.

Doctors Comments-He compares the same fat boy to the monster he sees in the dream.

P- Both are fat, both have this thing (hg of showing a fat abdomen). A big tummy.

D- What do you feel when you look at the monster? What is your experience?

P- I run away. I don’t want to die

Doctors Comments-He wants to run away in defence.

D- What do you think the monster will do to you?

P-Take me and crush me (hg), make me into a ball and eat me.If it is a big one, with one finger (hg-poking on four sides and swallowing).

D- What happens when they are crushing?

P- My bones will become powder (hg). My bones will breakand will become like powder (hg).I don’t want to die.

Doctors Comments- The sensation of being crushed and smashed comes up.

Earlier in the case, we have seen him trying to run in defence, also crawling under tables in defence or hiding under his bag. Now, he is running to prevent being caught (which that fat boy would do) and put him in trouble, the same feeling with the monster in his dream.The behaviour of the fat boy caused extreme irritation and invasion of his space.Now there is sensitivity to being crushed and smashed.

D- These are in dreams?

P- In a cartoon,Oggy and Cockroaches, that guy used to crush the cockroaches, and take it and put it in the dustbin. He gives it to people who collect garbage. The truck crushes it (hg as if crushing something on the table) and puts it in garbage.In Oggy and Cockroaches, Oggy is the cat, and there are three cockroaches, and the cat likes only one cockroach, among other two, one is fat, one is tall, the another one is thin.

M- He just can’t accept fat.When I am becoming fat, he comes and tells me, please don’t become fat, I think fat people intimidate him.

D- Why do you watch that Oggy and Cockroaches?

P- Sometimes it is funny; he crushes it and puts in Xerox machine, it will Xerox the faces, it will be funny.

Doctors Comments- We can clearly see the sensitivity to be crushed, smashed and broken to pieces and powdered.

D- What are the things that you get scared of?

P- I get scared in the night as we cannot see anything. In the morning, we can see what is coming towards us.At night, if suddenly someone will poke us in the back, with a knife, we won’t see that.When my father puts on ghost movies on TV, I will be sitting like this (hg) and watching. Today,I saw a zombie movie but it wasn’t scary. People bite each other.People who made the virus create one zombie and let it out in the city and that zombie biteseach person. The person it bites gets infected with their blood and eventually they too become a zombie and start biting other people. One of thegirlswho was bitten didn’t become a zombie as she was strong. Her eyes turned blue in colour and went back inside her head. People who look at her would turn into a zombie. I got scared looking at her eyes.Another example is from a movie Men in Black, wherein they showcockroaches crawling out of the villain’s mouth.

D- What about that?

P- The cockroaches. I hate it. If theyrun, people stampit and when they fly (hg), I don’t like that.I like moths, I can even catch them.

D- Tell more about them.

P- I don’t like any of the insects except butterflies and moths; Ican catch the wings (hg), I hold them tight, crush the wings (hg), and when I put them down, they will have to walk, and I enjoy that. Once I got dengue, so I got angry andtorethe mosquitoes wings and legs off, soonly their body wasthere. Then, I take a pen and crush their head.

Doctors Comments- Again, crushing comes up, but this time he iscrushing the insects. So, we can see similar sensation and action coming up.

P- I look closely, Iwill keep my finger like this (hg of fingers pressing on the table) , take off the wings, and take the other wing, or I will take one wing, I will take out all the legs, and it will be doing this (Hg of shivering). Suddenly I will take the wing and if I have nails, I will keep like this (Hg) and watch the head roll.

D- Which is the one insect you hate the most?

P- Cockroaches. They are creepy. Cockroaches are big and other insects are small ones. Even if it is caterpillar, I will be brave and will stamp on it or hit it with my thumb but the cockroachesflyand when someone touches it, it will come and siton us.

D- How do you react to animals?

M- He likes cats; he doesn’t like anything that can take control over him. Cats he can control.

D- What do cockroaches make you feel?

P- Yuck. I get scared. I jump out of the chair and run away. Basically, if they fly and if it is on us, even if we jump, it won’t fall off you, it will be walking somewhere on us (Hg), and then it will come upon the face, and it does whatever it wants to on us like (hg of finger moving).

D- What you feel about that?

P- I hate it.I don’t like to touch them, I don’t like to see them. In our old house if anywhere is closed, suddenly if we open it will be full with cockroaches. Some will be dead, and some will be running out.

D- What you feel seeing that?

P- Seeing them running, Itoo run.Some of  them hide underneaththe gas cylinder some while some are hanging, wheras are some are lying dead in a corner. As soon as I see them running, I run along and get in my room and shut the door. In my old house, there was no place to run, it was a small house.

M-  He stands on the sofa when he seescockroaches.

P- Even in Chennai, once I took my box out, suddenly a snake jumped out of the table (hg).

D- What happened when the snake jumped?

P- The snake jumped, fell on my thigh, and I ran. Ijumped upon every table and chair and I opened the door and ran out. Had it been away from me, I wouldn’t have got scared, but it was close to me and it couldeven bite me. Cockroaches don’t bite but if it crawls upon us, Ifeel itchy that time.

D- What do cockroaches do?

P- They put some advertisement onTV where they show that cockroaches enter cups and people happen to drink that water by mistake. I find that yucky. Hence, every time I see that advertisement, I look for cockroaches around and immediately hold slippers in my hand to hit them. I think that cockroaches have friends and when they see their kind, they want to go towards them. So, I believe if the cockroaches in my house see the cockroaches on TV and they may come out.

D- What will the cockroaches do?

P- They will get on us and we push it out,but they have hair and I always think there is some hair on my body or hands and then I go and wash them with Dettol. I feel something will happen to my hand, like mutated. I itch and then I keep washing my hand.

Remedy given on 6/7/2015.

End of Case

Follow Up on 9/8/2015

D- In what way have you been fine?

P- I didn’t feel like scratching.  Before the medicines, if the mosquitoes would bite, I would start scratching, but now if the mosquito bites, I just leave it and it just goes off.

D- What happened to your itching?

P- Now I don’t feel itchy. It has reduced alot. The marks on my skin also reduced.

M- Earlier there were boils, but now it hasreduced to skin tone and people have started noticing that it is getting better; before he used to pick it and blood used to ooze out, but now he is not doing that. These days he comes forwards and asks for the medicines himself as he is seeing the change in him.That is a good thing I see in him.

D- How much difference is there in the skin?

Father(F)- There is nothing new that has popped out. The last time when we came, there were many new ones and now they are not there. Onhis legs, the scars have dried up.

D- Any other change you felt in him?

Mother-  Lately, he comes home and says he has learned to handle that boy (the fat guy). They have become friends and he was no longer stressed about it.

P-  I know how to handle him, if at all he comes to irritate me, I call the class leader and he is scared of her as she scolds him.

D – Now how is his presence for you?

P – The teacherchanged his place and he is not beside me, but when he doesn’t complete the notes, he asks me to show him. Then I tell him that I can’t show him and he will pull my book. I then shout to the teacher and the she comes and scolds him.Earlier it used to be irritating, but now it is not. Even at times if he comes to irritate me, I run away.

Follow Up on 1/12/2015

M-  The scars have become better.

D- What difference are you finding?

M-  The itching is not there, and the marks have reduced

D- How was these marks earlier? {On legs}

M-  He used to pick on it and keep it open.

D- Now?

M- He doesn’t pick, we find that it is all evened out to the skin level. It just has to clear out now. Also, we noticed thatearlier he had a bad odour from the mouth, which is not there now.

Analysis of the Case-

In this case, we can see the patient’s extreme sensitivity to his space being invaded by the fat boy who was a new comer in this class. For him, this fat boy was perceived as a monster. This monster came in his dream,who isirritating, troubling and trying to catch hold of himand put him in a space where he cannot run and defend himselfbyhiding or crawlingunder tables. So, we see his feeling of being victimised, which gives us a clue towards the Animal kingdom.

The feeling of irritation and crushingcomes repeatedly in the case too. In his dreams he sees himself being crushed by the monster, in correlation to this, we see that he likes crushing insects.

The words used by the patients such as crushing, crawling, catch, hold, hiding, jumping, flying can be interpreted as source words or the language of the source. These words in general have no human connection. Interestingly, these words are supported with distinct hand gestures, giving us a confirmation that patient is at a higher level of experience.,

We also see a strong dislike for cockroaches, which came up in the case repeatedly. He described this feeling in the movie wherein a man is throwing up cockroaches from mouth and a TV show on cockroaches.He talks about intense hatred towards them and does not like when they hide. The tendency of them jumping made him feel creepy and itchy in the body.  He could not evensee the cockroaches in TV advertisements.

The remedy he received wasBlattaOrientalis 1M(Indian cockroach).

Sudden attack, sensitivity to being crushed, minced, pounded, smashed, fear of violent death, restlessness, speed, escape are some of the key features of Insects. Being pests, they see their territory being invaded or encroached, intruded. Often seen is intolerance of privacy getting intruded and is expressed in the form of irritation and annoyance.

In insects remedies such as Apis, formicarufa, Blatta etc., we often see predominance to allergic manifestations.

Some other distinguishing features may include, quick movement, feeling small, sudden aggression, fear of death, caught, hyperactivity and so on.

In Blatta, we particularly see hiding, quick running, flee for life, encroach, invade, infest, dirt, disgust and strong connection to cockroaches.

In this case, we see a strong connection to the source throughout the case such as fear and disgust of cockroaches, which can help to confirm the remedy.

Some fine differentiation points from Reptiles include-

  • Hiding feature is common to reptiles butin reptiles it is more of a camoflauge and “of not being seen/noticed”
  • Another prominent feature is cunning and deceit, manipulation planning and plotting and having two faces (they are something outside , but inside completely different)
  • These people will plan day in advance how to take revenge

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