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This is a case of a 8 year old male child and the case was taken digitally via Skype in September 2017. The child presented with the complaint of headache with a loss of sleep.

He had pain in the head mainly on the sides, especially over the eyes. The pain would be on either side right or left. Sometimes there was pain in the neck and back of the head. His headache usually terminated into vomiting and after vomiting about 2-3 times, he would get exhausted and fall asleep. The pain appeared generally in the evenings. He also had headaches if he would not have taken proper food intake at school. So fasting made his headache worse.

He narrated an incident when he had gone for a hike in the sun and he didn’t have anything to cover. When he returned he had head pain and vomiting. Once when he was very upset he started vomiting.

So the factors like hunger, not eating and getting upset triggered his head pain.

The pain was over the eyes above, sometimes on the left  and sometimes right, but often on the left. He was sensitive to light during headache and was averse to doing anything. He preferred lying down still without moving as movement worsened the headache.

The pain started last year, in November it is almost now a year. We cannot find any reason as how did it start, maybe it’s a cold time so or may be not sleeping enough. The 4th factor is his sleep, if he has not slept enough the head pain triggers. With head pain he starts crying. He doesn’t like anything, he will not listen, and he will be irritable.

On inquiry, he mentioned that he liked playing tennis, playing with his younger sister and running away very fast, which would make it difficult for her to find him. He would then hide and scare her just like a monster did. He liked to hop while talking. He loved playing soccer, skipping, and using Kindle on his iPad. Occasionally he would hurt himself while jumping.

He would run away from his sister and then flip her sandals, pretending it was a hurricane. He found homework boring but he liked learning new words. He was good at running games, playing hide and seek, ready funny books, and Peekaboo. He spoke about how a dinosaur says goodbye, through hugs and kisses, and how a rabbit and snake play, by jumping rope. He was lively and made funny comments throughout the case.

He often pretended to be Ninja, as it was powerful and ninjas always won in fights. Ninja for him was the one who killed bad guys. A ninja would free themselves when trapped. They know the tricks to come out or escape. He wished he were Ninja too. He explained hey have swords, which they threw on the floor in order to get free. That would slice the enemy’s body to destroy them and eventually kill all the bad men. They would trick the enemy by kicking them and then escape the trap. They would then run towards lava while the enemy chased them, and then the bad men would end up falling in the lava and die.

He often pretended as though a hurricane was approaching. He enjoyed preparing paper planes as well. He had a habit of jumbling things up and then putting it in the right place. He liked to write books. He was creative.

He is very restlessness child, he will keep doing something. He will not sit still. He doesn’t sleep quickly it takes time to sleep. He will be fidgeting and keep moving in the bed for about ½ to 1 hr. then he sleeps.

He feels cold easily. He loves outside food, fruits, his favorite is banana.

Understanding and analysis of the case

This was a short case where the symptoms recorded were very clear and distinct. The highlighting or distinguishing features in the above case are as given below:

Head pain

  • Location: above the eyes on the forehead both side more on Left side
  • AGG: sun, hunger, motion of head, motion, light, loss of sleep,
  • AMEL: sleep, rest, vomiting
  • Accompanied with vomiting
  • Mind: he gets very irritable with pain.

Mind symptoms

  • Desires to play sneak and peak
  • Likes to play Hide and seek, soccer
  • Always on run
  • Monster
  • He pretends there is hurricane
  • Likes to read funny books
  • Makes jokes
  • He pretends to be ninja fighter:
  • Powerful
  • Fighting the bad guys
  • It always win
  • They trap and ninja gets free
  • They break when they are trapped


  • Cold agg
  • Desire banana

When considering the patient’s mental-emotional symptoms and from the above characteristics, it is clear patient requires remedy from the Animal kingdom. We see in his imagination there is a victim and an aggressor, in his case of a Ninja or monster. It is interesting to see how the boy explains the defense mechanism or the survival strategy of the Ninja. It was clearly by tricking the enemy, rather fooling him and then making him fall into the lava. Another quality seen is pretense. He pretends there is a hurricane and starts running because he is trying to fool others. He would trick his sister and flip her sandal and then run very fast. Here we see the quality of speed in his case. The child also enjoyed hiding, playing peak-a-boo and jumping. The child is very restless, he will keep occupied.

These qualities match the exact qualities of the Spider subkingdom. We know that the Spider traps his prey by tricking or creating a trap and then suddenly attacking.

In order to understand which Spider remedy, we here see which spider remedy has the characteristic symptoms of the patient

So when I looked up his physical characteristic in Reference Works software, I found:

In the above group we have Theridion curassavicum from spider family.


He received Theridion 1M / one dose DD. 

Follow up after 1 week:

He is doing extremely well on the remedy. There was no headache and his sleeplessness was also better. He did not repeat any further doses.

Follow up after 6 months:

The patient was absolutely free of any headache or complaint for 6 months. Shortly after, there was an episode of headache that settled with 1 dose of Theridion 1M.

Case Learning:

One of the most important learning for me in the case is the power of integration. When we are able to see the same issue from two different aspect coming to same conclusion, this not only brings confidence in prescription and but also the success. Matching both side’ssymptoms and system integrating, finally looking into oursource books which is our materia medica.

The efficient and authentic use software can broaden our horizon of prescription and not limit us to common remedies.


Dr. Rishi Vyas is an in-house consultant and faculty at ‘the other song’ clinic. He has had the privilege to learn under the guidance of various honored doctors such as Dr. Sankaran, Dr. Kamlesh Mehta and many others. His calm personality and meticulous case-taking is much appreciated by all. He is an expertise in ‘pediatric’ cases and is also known for his effective counseling skills. He is a mentor for University courses such as CCAH, FCAH and also other in-house courses. He has played an integral role in the development and functioning of the clinic. He has worked as a content developer for WWR (Wednesday’s with Rajan) online webinar series. His keen interest in IT has led him to actively participate in the development of the ‘the other song’ software.


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