A Case Of Allergic Bronchitis

A Case Of Allergic Bronchitis

Dr. Meghna Shah BHMS, FCAH

A 3-year-old child was brought for a consultation by his mother for recurrent episodes of cold and cough on the 14th June 2018.

His complains always start with a cough followed by low grade fever, nose block, and loss of appetite. And most of times he was put on allopathic medicines. His symptoms get worse in sleep, esp at night +++. It also starts after he has cold drinks, esp with colors. And the patient is extremely fond of such drinks, and recently has started to have them on hiding, when he is not noticed by anyone will silently open the freeze and drinks. Generally he feels better in the cough when taken in open air and with warm drinks.

He had history of low Hemoglobin (cause unknown) in the past for which he was injected iron intravenously.

His mother starts to describe him as a loving and caring child. His mother narrates an incident where his friend had left his umbrella and bag and this boy went running up to him to give it. He is inquisitive to know who is at the door whenever the bell rings. If his mother is unwell he will press her head and bring her medicines. He was a light sleeper. His maid threatens him that his mother will go to the office if he continues watching the mobile phone and that makes him upset. He would make a small face with shocking look. He needs light while sleeping.

The mother asked him what he is scared off and he said he was afraid of rats, especially because once a rat came onto his mother and then jumped on him. He further whispered in her ears he was afraid of new people. His mother said he would go into a shell in a crowd or when he was with too many people; he cannot interact and would stand aside.

Observation: Patient started yawning loudly, making strange sounds, and laughing without any reason.

I asked the mother why he was doing this. She explained that it was just for fun. When she would talk to her sister or anyone else, the child would want to be heard. He feels that he should be given first preference and he wants attention.

She also explained that at night when his 8-year-old sister cuddles her, he also wants to do the same.

He loves to make people laugh. Once comfortable, he will do things to make people laugh.

Later in the case-taking as he started playing with his mother’s mobile he played some movie songs and started dancing. Mother added that he was very fond of music. He was very fond of orange drinks, cold drinks, frooti, appy. He loved orange colored drinks, especially orange juice.

As the case progressed mother reported that off late he had become very aggressive. He would shout, yell and get angry. He misses his mother a lot when she goes to work (Mother helps father in their family business). When angry, he would pinch and shouts very loudly.

When angry he’d hit his elder sister and at times kick mother and pull her hair. Also when angry he kicks his sister and mother. Now has also started to speak lies and sometimes uses bad language.

Mother also reported that he has become very hyperactive and restless. Cannot sit at a place for long.

Mother also reported that he loved his friends, and loves to touch and hug them. he would often come to mother and kiss her.

Mother’s History during Pregnancy

On taking the pregnancy history of the mother, we understand her deeper experience and state at that time. She was extremely stressed as her in-laws wanted only a male child. She was a modern minded woman and her in-laws were very narrow minded in their thoughts. They would pray to God all the time. She was extremely fearful about the outcome of her pregnancy as she had previously been through two miscarriages and an abortion. Her main experience in this situation was that of trapped. She would also feel very jealous of her mother-in-law as she would see her father-in-law would take good care of her. Not that she had many complaints from her husband, but she also felt that each time she would dress up and try to look good, her husband would always complain about her weight gain. Taking her a step deeper, from the situations to her experience in this situation she spoke of feeling trapped with HG of both hands coming closer. When probed further she said trapped was like being suffocating, claustrophobic, bounded, feeling worthless or useless about oneself, no escape, stuck and wanting to be free with HG of both hands going outward. She wanted to be independent, but felt she was made to be very dependent in this situation and wanted to get out of it. She further describes her experience using hand gestures of her hands closing and opening to describe stuck and the opposite of being free, doing what she wanted, being happy, fun, peaceful and out of all grievances.

Analysis of the Case:

In this case we see that the child is active, loving, caring and affectionate, who loves to hug and kiss on one side and on the other is he very aggressive, he pushes, kicks, shouts and pinches in anger. He hits his older sister often in anger. The child is also fond of music and dancing and showed some dance moves.

From this, we can see two polarities in the child. One of being kind hearted and the other being aggressive, where he can strike anybody. This kind of energy gives us the hint towards the Animal kingdom.

When we examine these ‘Sensation’ words used in the case, they come closest to that of a Spider, where we see the qualities and mechanisms of survival such as trapped, stuck, bounded, no escape, dancing, rhythm, movement, speed, running, aggression, striking, pinching, and suddenness.

Patients requiring Spider remedies often show such characteristics:

  • Attention seeking
  • Sexuality
  • Rhythm
  • Dancing
  • Trapping/trapped (web)
  • Pranks, trick
  • Trick and trap
  • Quick wit
  • Sudden, impulsive moves
  • Pretence, cheat
  • Mimicry
  • Restlessness
  • Desires bright colors
  • Miasm – Tubercular

Few symptoms of the child:

  • mind; STRIKING; children, in (17)
  • mind; DECEITFUL, sly (56)
  • mind; PULL, desires to; hair (20)
  • mind; KICKS (55)
  • mind; MUSIC; desires (53)
  • mind; DANCE, desires to (75)
  • mind; ABUSIVE, insulting (106)
  • mind; KISSES; everyone (26)
  • mind; RESTLESSNESS, nervousness; children, in (116)
  • generalities; AIR; open; amel. (518)

The boy received Tarentula hispanica 1M 1dose.

The child received 1M potency as the case was at the delusional level.

Follow up on 6th July 2018:

He was much better and continued with SL.

Follow up on 6th October 2018:

His aggression, anger and striking were better. But at times, even nowadays while the mother is lying down he will come suddenly and jump on her. On examination his respiratory system was clear, but there were other issues that came up. He wanted to eat junk food. He does not want to stop wearing the diaper, and threatens to pass urine on floor. He had boils. He did not want to eat any new food. He liked music. He would take the mobile phone and puts speaker on and play songs, sometimes religious songs. He liked going to the Gurudwara with grandparents. He was good at creating imaginary games.

Rx: Tarentulahispanica1M 1 dose

Follow up on 16th November 2018:

Overall the child is doing well. His temperament has improved. While he continues to do lot of mischief, his anger reduced. His attention seeking was still there but less. Overall the intensity of cough and respiratory tract infections had reduced significantly and each time he responded very well to homeopathy. 

ABOUT Dr. Meghna Shah (BHMS, FCAH)

A young, dynamic, dedicated, intelligent and sincere person, she is gifted with an extremely intuitive mind inclined towards research. She also possesses excellent managerial qualities with tremendous insight into human psychology. She is an ardent follower of Homoeopathy, and having trained under Dr.Rajan Sankaran for over 10 years. Dr.Meghna has worked in the Mumbai homoeopathic hospital after receiving her degree in 2000. Since 2001 she has been a physician in Dr. Sankaran’s clinic. She has organized video and live seminars of Dr.Rajan Sankaran and has been instrumental in starting the web-group ‘Insight-Alliance Homoeopathic’. She has been an active member in organizing ‘Wednesdays with Rajan’, one of the most successful programs in Homoeopathy. She has assisted Dr. Sankaran on the books: Sankaran’s Schema, Structure – Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom, The Other Song, and Survival – the Reptilia—which have all been highly appreciated and translated into many languages. She has spent two years researching the reptiles for this book, including a stay at the Reptile Park in Chennai, where she observed them firsthand and consulted the park’s herpetologists.


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