Advance Program in Homeopathy

Course Schedule:

6th July 2020 – 18th July 2020

Course Timing:

Lectures: 9 AM to 5 PM

Advance Program in Homeopathy:

In this course, the Sensation Approach with its basic tenets and application is introduced to the students. It is open only to students who are well-versed with basic knowledge of Homoeopathy.
Intensive Clinical Training in Sensation Method and Synergy

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  • Exposure to advances in the sensation method
  • Newer approaches to case-taking, analysis and patient management
  • Fine tuning and refinement of clinical skills
  • Practical skills of integrating symptoms and the system method (Synergy)

The advanced course is especially designed for those who have attended the basic course at the other song. This course will focus completely on how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of practice, management of advanced pathologies, follow-ups, acute cases, and much more.

Course Design:

  • Live cases (around 8 sessions)
  • Case taking with the concepts of Sensation and Synergy
  • Case solving sessions
  • Video Lectures
  • Tutorials in small batches for personal mentoring
  • Supervised or hands – on applied training under expert hands


  • Case taking in difficult and challenging cases
  • Management of follow ups, posology, repetition of doses
  • Refinement in the art of case taking
  • How to deal with patients in denial / projection / rationalization / intellectualization
  • Parameters of depth analysis in a case
  • Exploration and assessment of miasms and levels of experience in a case
  • Exploration of kingdoms

             > Plant kingdom and differentiation between similar families

             > Mineral kingdom and differentiation between the rows

             > Animal kingdom and differentiation between the classes

  •  Students are expected to carry at least one repertory and one book on materia medical.

Eligibility / Certification:
For practitioners in general and especially those who have attended basic course at ‘the  other song’ academy

A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants who complete the course with minimum 75% attendance.

Course Fees:

For Practitioner: Rs 12000/-(18% GST).
50% Discount for Basic Course participants
For all ex students from basic course (including satellite centres): 50% concession in the fees

In case you require any more information about the Basic Program In Homeopathy, please contact the other song academy

Landline:  +91 (22) 42616605
Mobile:  +918879789586+91-7722035131

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