A case of Pre-menstrual Syndrome treated with Magnesium Carb

A case of Pre-menstrual Syndrome treated with Magnesium Carb

Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar  MD (Hom),
Consultant & Faculty ‘the other song’

Edited by- Dr. Alifiya Dedanwala, Publications Team

This is a case of a 28 year old female who consulted Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar for Pre-Menstrual Syndome in August 2015. She had also suffered post partum depression.

Her complaints started after marriage wherein she experienced profuse bleeding during her menses. She conceived within 1 year of her marriage. She had taken a contraceptive injection after which she had spotting per vagina throughout the month with severe pain in the lower back. Her menses had become irregular post contraceptive medication.

Emotionally, she had lot of pent up anger against her in-laws and husband. She felt as if they did not understand her. She was disappointed by them. They never appreciated her for anything she did. Her marriage turned out to be completely opposite of her expectations. She wanted to be loved, cared and pampered but she didn’t receive any of it from her in-laws.

There were recurrent conflicts over the same reasons. Her husband being her only support would not understand her in many matters. She could not express herself at every point and hence had a lot of pent up anger within. She wanted to end her life by committing suicide. She felt she was the reason of everyone’s unhappiness and it be better to end her own life to resolve all troubles.

She had always been an emotional and sensitive person. She would feel hurt at small matters. She wanted to take charge of her mind, anger and negative thoughts. She was started on Valparin and nexcito for 3-4 months.

During pregnancy, she had cramps in abdomen and thigh muscles. She did not get the support needed from her in-laws during pregnancy. She was not served food when needed. She continued to brood over the old incidences when there were fights.

When asked about her anger, she said, she experienced trembling, shivering of hands and legs. She would cry in anger. She would be at a loss not knowing what to do. At times, she had suicidal thoughts. These feeling were exaggerated during menses. Her expectations were more. She felt dependent. She had the stress  of looking after her child too.

During pregnancy, everything happened against her expectations. Her husband wouldn’t support, mother-in-law would make unpleasant gestures if she was not doing enough work in the house. These things hurt her a lot. She wanted to forgive and move on but they continued to mentally torture.

Now she cannot let go the past unpleasant incidences, she feels like giving back in the same manner they did. Her in-laws would taunt her and now she wanted to do the same.

When asked about her relationship with her husband meant to her, she said support love and care. She was an impulsive person and reacted immediately to occurrences. She couldn’t stand lies and would raise her voice. Her trust was broken and that weakened her relationship with her husband. She was a possessive wife and got jealous easily. She was worried whether he loved her enough or not.

As a child, her marriage was decided with one of her cousins. All her life she had imagined being married to him but things didn’t work out and that hurt her a lot. She found it difficult to trust anyone thereafter. She felt a kind of emptiness in her. She was emotionally attached to him and later felt like a body part went missing.

Later, she described an incident wherein her father suffered from a paralytic stroke after succumbing a head injury. It was a great shock for her. Her father being the backbone of the family, everyone had become stranded without him. Her mother was a big support. She could not imagine life without them. Sometime later, her uncle committed suicide which also had an impact of her.

Coming back to her married life, she said she felt a strong lack of appreciation for her contribution at home. She didn’t get any praise for the hard work she put in. She had been praised among friends, at school and at her work but missed it in the home. She expected gifts on her birthday but she got disappointment instead. The mindset of in-laws didn’t match with hers. She found them backward coming from a low social caste which was unacceptable to her.

Her menses last for 7 days with heavy bleeding followed by spotting. It was characterized with dark red color, clotted, offensive and stains difficult to wash off.

She suffered from backache and cramps in legs  before menses. She would feel lethargic and desired to take rest. During menses her backache and abdominal pain escalated. She was also having hairfall after Tab Divacon (Oral Contraceptive). She has history of appendicitis at age of 20 and Malaria and typhoid in the year 1996.

During pregnancy she had vomiting after consuming puffed rice delicacy, apples, chapatti (India Bread). She craved for junk food, pizzas, pani puri. She had episode of food poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting. She was administered steroid injections to support child’s growth as there was low amniotic fluid. She had 12 hours of labor but underwent Caesarean section due to large size of the head.


Likes: non veg, pizza, biryani.

Cannot tolerate hunger- feels angry

Thirst: thirstlessness

Pain in the chest while drinking occasional

Food agg/amel: outside food does not agree

Spicy food- diarrhea

Nausea while travelling (new symptom)

Thermally -Hot patient

Perspiration- mainly face and upper body, Character- offensive, yellow staining

Urination- Frequent Urinary tract infections

Sleep- no complaints

Dreams- she had dreams of falling when looking down; of snakes and tigers; of being unprepared for the given exam; of failure and not achieving anything.


Fear of heights, losing dear ones, failing in examination. I am disturbed of changes: any change from routine panics me. She also had fear of giving interviews. She was sensitive to criticism, childish in nature. She said she didn’t have a mature thinking and often took decisions on emotional grounds.


Family History-


Mother-diabetes + cholesterol

Brother- vitiligo

Paternal Grandmother- heart disease

Paternal Grandfather- diabetes

Maternal Grandfather- lung cancer

Maternal Grandmother- heart disease

Paternal uncle- sickle cell anemia

Maternal uncle- heart disease


Analysis of case:


In this case, patient comes with the complaints of severe episodes of anger and irritability before menses. She also has irregular menses and abdominal cramps before menses. Her menses are irregular, offensive, dark red clotted, with stains difficult to wash off.


Her troubles started mainly after marriage. The issue in her life is that she has to do house work after returning from office which exhausts her. So the main feeling in this situation is that the in-laws and husband are not able to understand her and the experience of not being understood and feeling lonely as if there is no one in the world to understand her.


Husband is her main support but he is unable to understand her. Her in-laws don’t support her because of which she feels hurt. She is a sensitive and emotional person. She had certain expectations from marriage which were not met. Before marriage, she always appreciated in whatever she did but after marriage she is not appreciated or pampered at anything. Basically she feels she has no value in this house.


Relationship with husband is like an emotional support, also for love and care.


Her main fear in life is losing dear ones. The feeling of losing them would like losing a body part and that would make her feel incomplete and empty.


Sensitivity to TV and news: here also she gets emotional watching scenes in which loved ones separate or they lose their dear ones.


So the main issues that came up were of support in the form of love, care, understanding without having to say, of value, being appreciated came up. All these point out to the third row of the periodic table. The physical symptoms will help us in confirming the remedy.


She received Magnesium Carbonicum 200 bd for 2 days.


Follow up after 6 months


Feeling much better. My mood swings better. I’m having more positive thoughts and now taking it easy. Work is going good. I feel fresh and energetic when I take medicine

My anger is better than before. I am sensitive on 3rd day of menses. I also have acne before menses. From mood swings and anger lasting 1-2 weeks before , it has come down to 1-2 days

Her relationship with husband is much better


Remedy given – Magnesium carb 200 twice daily for 2 days


Stopped treatment for a year

Came back again for acne, still same remedy came up


Acne -mainly on the forehead and cheek. Multiple tiny on the head. Few Pus filled


Weight gain– 10 kgs

Dreams: Earlier I would wake up with fright ; not now


Appetite: normal

Cannot tolerate hunger

Thirst: good

Perspiration: face, back, offensive

Yellowish staining – less



Irritability 1 day before menses


Oily skin, dull skin


Stressful situations:

Had to manage child and house without husband for a few months. Hence she was stressed.


mind; IRRITABILITY; menses; before (71)
face; ERUPTIONS; acne; menses; before (11)
face; ERUPTIONS; menses; before (22)
face; ERUPTIONS; pustules (149)
face; GREASY; oily (23)
generalities; WEATHER; hot agg. (119


Remedy given: Magnesium Carb 200 twice daily for 2 days.


Follow up 3months Later:


Acne have reduced from 9 everyday to 3-4. They not very painful and don’t leave marks.

Emotionally better than before.

Dreams: don’t remember

Stressful situations:
Dealing with child while working in IT company was stressful so decided to leave the job
She didn’t like the way in-laws looked after her child so she decided she will take care of him and her health and look for other opportunities.

No new complaints.


Remedy Given– Magnesium Carb 200 twice daily for 2 days

Patient shifted to UK, she did completely fine for last 2 years.  She had one episode of abdominal pain in 2018 because her state aggravated and she responded to Magnesium carb again.



Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar  MD(Hom)

Dr. Gajanan Dhanipkar has been practicing now since the last 16 years, mainly in Thane &Ambernath. He is a guest lecturer at various institutes viz. J.J Magdum Homoeopathic Medical College Sangli, Jaisingpur, Bhagwan Medical College, Aurangabad &Kharghar Medical College, Navi Mumbai. His further contributions include a paper on ‘Study of carnivorous plants & homoeopathic understanding’ presented at the National Conference at Bhubneshwar in 2003, cases featured in various homoeopathic journals, as well as in the book ‘An Insight into Plants- Volume 3’ by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. He has been regularly teaching in the basic and advanced courses in the Sensation Method conducted by Homoeopathic Research & Charities. In addition, he also conducts courses in the Sensation Method for homoeopathic physicians in the vicinities of Thane & Ambernath. He is known for his unique style of case taking & case analysis amongst his students who have learnt in his clinic.


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