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The academy puts good health and well-being as the core of an academic culture, which is dedicated to patient care, extensive training, in-depth education and advanced clinical research. At the academy, students and practitioners are trained in advanced homoeopathic approaches, using new teaching methodologies and state of the art technology. This aids in creating the finest teachers and doctors of homoeopathy. World-renowned senior doctors and homoeopathic consultants from around the globe, along with the pioneer of the Sensation Method, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, work together to make the academy a hub for homoeopathic, holistic and integral healing. The academy is inclusive of all practices and approaches in homoeopathic medicine, and is open minded, not exclusive. Read More

Master’s Course In Homoeopathy

Comprehensive training is imparted through a step-by-step process that enables participants to visualize their own hidden qualities and in the process transform themselves into better homoeopaths and human beings.  During each session, not only will participants learn the intricacies of advanced homoeopathic practice, but also get insight into their innermost qualities and predispositions.

Teaching Tools And Methodology 

Homoeopathy is best learned when a student is exposed to an experienced practitioner in practice, and observes the art of case-taking, understanding the totality, and the process of determining a remedy. The academy provides this unique platform where video technology connects the clinic consulting rooms to the training auditoriums.


Update yourself with the knowledge of homeopathy. Find the latest articles written by our academic faculty on subject like materia medica, repertory, case taking, understanding different approaches in different cases etc. in this section.

Master’s Program
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