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yoga2“If we are breathing, it is never too soon or late to start yoga”


The purpose to learn and practice yoga and physical exercises

Physical fitness is a necessity for everyone in order to live a long and healthy life. Incorporating yoga as a lifestyle can be one of the most fulfilling experiences on our journey to health.

What do we do at the other song clinic

  • Integrate ‘yoga and physical training’ with homoeopathy
  • Train, educate and demonstrate how to practice the asanas and different exercises which are easy to do on a daily basis

At the other song, Yoga is advised on the basis of

  • Pathology and different types of illnessiyengar-yoga-classes-denver-colorado
  • Age
  • Different Season – yoga varies with seasons
  • Stamina – yoga appropriate for individual patient’s stamina
  • Flexibility – yoga appropriate for individual patients flexibility

Who can practice yoga

  • People of all ages
  • It can be adapted for people with disabilities or special needs

Our resources

  • Experienced yoga teacher
  • A dedicated yoga studio

The benefits of physical fitness


  • Endurance
  • Good figure
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility
  • A positive attitude
  • High self esteem
  • Production of endorphins, a natural pain killer and stress reliever



  • Brings awarenesssamudra-yoga-classes
  • Creates discipline
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves breathing and circulation
  • Improves nutrition and digestion
  • Improves our quality of life
  • Brings us closer to nature and soul

How does one learn yoga at the other song clinic

  • Detailed probing yoga session for the patients.
  • We send step by step yoga synopsis advised and customized for patients by our yoga teacher
  • We assess the progress periodically.
  • We upgrade the customized program.

The necessity to learn yoga in a customized fashion under the guidance of a yoga teacher

There are popular magazines, books and video tapes on yoga offering instruction in methods of different schools of yoga for flexibility, strength and relaxation. But we tend to get confused and do not know which asanas are good for us and which one we should avoid. There are also risks involved with physical activity.

The most common health problem related to physical activity is muscle and skeletal injury. These injuries can occur with any amount of exercise when the body is not conditioned. This happens as result of overlooking the aspects of flexibility and proper education. One needs to be trained under the supervision of experienced practitioners so that we do not harm or injure ourselves and learn the technique from them properly.

Regular practice and follow up of yoga is a must after completion of training.


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