Sprains and Strains…Homeopathy to the Rescue!

Sprains and Strains...Homeopathy to the Rescue!

Trekking, playing sport, camping and outdoor activity bring lots of enjoyment, but also lots of opportunity for injury.

Being injured is no fun.  While there is no miracle solution that can have you bouncing on a trampoline the day after a sprain or strain, homeopathic medicine can dramatically speed up recovery time and reduce pain and swelling.

How effective is it?  Well, effective enough that the Detroit Pistons (American pro basketball team) trainer and physiotherapist, Arnie Kander, uses it as a first line treatment for the team’s injuries.  He has a reputation for using homeopathic remedies that enable his players to recover in record time, and because of this, the Piston’s coach says of Arnie, “I’m not knocking anybody else, but this guy is the best.”

The effectiveness of homeopathy is well known by French pro athletes as well.  “Its greatest value in sports?  Its speed of action,” said Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferrel, doctor to the French National Soccer Team from 1993-2004, including the World Cup Championship Team in 1998.

There is often a misconception that homeopathy is slow to take effect.  Absolutely not!  In acute cases like injuries- cuts, bruises, sprains, fractures, concussion, etc.  it can produce improvement within minutes.

The most common homeopathic remedies for sprains or strains are listed below.  They can be picked up at most health food stores, Supplement’s Plus, or the Bloor West Homeopathic and Wellness Clinic.  If you are not getting the desired results, pop in for a professional consultation.

One dose = 3 pellets under the tongue at least 15 minutes before or after putting anything in mouth.

Arnica 30C Used for any injury especially at the beginning stages where there is a lot of pain, bruising and swelling.  Immediately after injury, if pain is intense, it should be repeated every 15 minutes until symptoms improve.  When pain is more moderate, it should be repeated 3-4 times per day.

Arnica should be used in alternation with one of the following remedies:

Ruta 30C  The number one remedy for sprains and strains (including carpal tunnel syndrome).   3 doses per day.

Rhus tox 30C  For a sprain or strain when pain and stiffness are worse on first movement, and symptoms feel better after moving around.  There may be restlessness particularly while trying to sleep.  3 doses per day.

Ledum 30C  When injured area feels cold to touch and pain is better from cold applications.   3 doses per day.

Traumeel Cream  Rub into affected area several times per day and should be used externally while taking the internal remedies.

What to do when you get injured miles away from immediate medical attention?  Go prepared!  Homeopathic First Aid Kits are available at the Bloor West Homeopathic and Wellness Clinic which contain remedies such as those listed above.

These kits are fantastic for families and adults who would like natural effective support for acute conditions like insect stings, sprains, food poisoning, shock/trauma, and much more.  They are very handy for traveling to the cottage or campsite where conventional medical attention may not be very close by.

Stay safe, but if you do get a sprain/strain, don’t worry…homeopathy will have you bouncing around again before you know it!

*Please be advised that a serious injury requires immediate medical attention.  Go to the nearest emergency room.

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